Home Income System – Legitimate or The Ultimate Scam?

Home Income System - Legitimate or The Ultimate Scam?Product Name: Home Income System

Website: theinternetsupport.com

Cost: $97 with an additional cost for upsells

Overall Score: 1/10 (NOT RECOMMENDED)



What Is The Home Income System?

Home Income System – is it legitimate or a massive scam? This is my take on it (and it isn’t pretty).
Founded by an individual whose identity remains unknown, the Home Income System in an affiliate marketing platform. The system was designed to help people start their own online businesses. According to the founder, whose identity is faked, you can earn over $3,000 with the help of his system pretty much from the get-go.

Initially, the founder was known as Jason (a fake identity) and now, goes by the name Kevin. By promising minimal effort on your part, yet an insurmountable amount of monetary gain, it’s hard to resist. This is another one of those appalling sales videos that promise the world in no time. Oh, and the boring threats to get you to act fast…


Home Income System - Legitimate or The Ultimate Scam?


How Does It Work?

So, how does one earn money from this system? Please note that this system mimics the technique known as link posting. This is very similar to how affiliate marketing works, yet, something is amiss.

On their site, they offer you what they term as, ad links. By posting these ad links to other sites, according to the founder, you can earn money. Hence, this system essentially links you to ad links posting companies that allow you to earn money by posting them.

A deeper look at Jason’s system and it’s easy to identify that he is selling an affiliate marketing business model. A really, really bad one. To join, you’ll have to pay the $97 sign-up. I would never, and nor should you, pay to sign up to a legit program. You will later be provided with some training before getting linked to a number of ad link companies. After selecting the companies you’d like to work with, Jason promises a $400 daily income. I call BS.


Fast Forward to My #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online



•    None. Do yourself a favour and don’t believe in any ‘get rich’ schemes. I mean, if they were true we’d all be millionaires by now.



•    The identity of the founder is fake and remains unknown

•    Home Income System is linked to the My Online Business Education (MOBE) company. Notably, MOBE was shut down by the FTC. I did a review on MOBE some years back that you’re welcome to check out here.

•    The utilize black hat linking which is an old technique

•    They sell your information to other companies. This will expose you to spam emails and messages

•    It is a lie that you will earn immediately after signing up!


Training and Tools

No website or tools are provided to help set you up. They do offer training which is very basic and may contain false information. Their model mimics the affiliate marketing one but uses it in an improper way. When starting your online business, Support is one of the most important aspects to look for – without it, how will you succeed? Again, in this case, there is none. Stay. Away. From. This. Mob

As mentioned, their support system is lacking in all areas. The individual provided as an agent to help you when in need is only a salesperson in disguise. After contacting an agent, you will only be coaxed to spend money and more money. There are no step-by-step guides or training material or support. You basically hand over your money so the the owners cashes in.



It cost $97 to join, with additional costs for the upsells.

Home Income System - Legitimate or The Ultimate Scam?


Summary – Is Home Income System A Scam?

This is one system I would definitely not recommend. It is a scam? YES. It does not help you make money online, despite having to pay for it. The fact that it is related to the MOBE Company is also a huge red flag to anyone thinking of joining. If you need other opinions, there are lots of YouTube video reviews that will tell you exactly the same.


Do It Legit – Here’s How

 I’ve been making money doing affiliate marketing for the best of 5 years now. My go-to for all training and advise, website hosting (and everything in between) is Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I know about making money online, I learn there. It’s the most supportive working environment I have ever come across in my professional life. There are no promises to get rich in your first month – any place that says that is lying to your face (through the screen;). You get to learn everything you need to know step by step, complete guidance and support for any questions you have. It’s FREE to sign up, and you can be a free member for life if you want to. Without spending a dollar, you can have your very own website set up in the matter of minutes.

Please feel free to check it out for yourself 🙂


If you have any questions or feedback about Home Income System, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you

Have a super day!


10 Replies to “Home Income System – Legitimate or The Ultimate Scam?”

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, really appreciate it. I am a bit unclear as to what you’re referring to though. Are you able to expand? My reviews on other programs are fully researched and thorough reviews, I would never bag a program just to promote Wealthy Affiliate. But of course, I 100% recommend Wealthy Affiliate, so naturally I want anyone that’s looking for the right place to learn online business to make up their own mind. I am certainly not in the business on forcing anyone into any action 🙂

      Have a lovely day!


  1. Thank you for your review. I can’t believe there are so many scams online. And unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know and fall for them.

    I get a little angry when I read about stuff like that. Most people who try it are people desperate for money. And not only do they not earn money, but they also lose what they have.

    If only it would be so easy to earn $400/day… and without support?

  2. this is yet another classic example of scam that  is intended   for those who needs money, and greed takes best of them if we don’t do research carefully you will always fall into scammers like these, And thenkyou for this blog I believe we don’t heve excuses that we never that it was ascum. Your could will save alot of people from loosing money through scams

  3. $97 is quite a hefty fee to ask to join a program and you are not even sure if it will work for you or not. You are quite right, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years now, and I must admit, their affiliate marketing training is second to none. You also don’t need to pay to become a member, only if you want to upgrade for more benefits.

    So my advice is rather to try a company that lets you inside as a member free first, before laying out any money so you can see for yourself if it will be worth it or not for you.

  4. I am 100% what you are saying.I myself have been a victim of these seeling you BUl.. over the net and fell for it in the hope I would learn and achieve success. Thank you for pointing out because there are so many people that still fall flat for these kinds of schemes and thank you for promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I have joined them myself and never regret it, I am learning and being successful now and it is thanks to them.

    1. thanks for checking in Barbara, appreciate it. Sorry to hear you got scammed, i don’t know how these people sleep at night. 

      Have a super day!


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