SFM Six Figure Mentors .Com – SCAM or Legit?

SFM Six Figure Mentors .Com - SCAM?Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors

Website: thesixfigurementors.com

Cost: The cost is highly dictated by the Membership Level. As a starter student member, you’ll be required to pay $29.95 with an additional cost of $25 per month (optional).

Overall Score: 4.5/10 (Not Recommended)

What Is The Six Figure Mentors (SFM)?

SFM Six Figure Mentors .com – Is SFM a scam or legit? I review a lot of products, and feel like I have a good idea of what’s worth my time or not – this is my honest review of SFM.

The year 2011 saw the beginning of a high- ticket affiliate marketing training program known as the Six Figure Mentors. Founded by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, the product is linked to another one of their company known as Digital Experts Academy.

Notably, Jay Kubassek was also the founder of the company, Carbon Copy Pro, which was later deemed to be a scam. I have previously written a post on how to spot the warning signs of a scam – you can check it out here.

Given the fact that it is an MLM type company, it offers training on affiliate marketing. They also offer services and resources, but at a cost. I have to admit that their website looks great; it looks very professional and nicely laid out. A perfect shop front, as I’d put it. And because of this, the type of information they are providing may seem irresistible to those wanting to make it big online.


Here’s their YouTube promo video:

How Does It Work?

After you’ve purchased their program, you are assigned to a coach. The coach should help guide you and provide step- by step training in affiliate marketing. This is, mind you, training on how to make money online by promoting SFM! Not how to make money online promoting anything else (red flag!)

Backed by the tool they provide you with, you should be able to build your very own website.  Given the resources they provide you with, such as affiliate links and sales pages and marketing banners, it should be easy right? Well, keep on reading…


Fast Forward to My #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online


•    Offers information on affiliate marketing

•    Offers skills and knowledge of internet marketing

•    Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


•    Too expensive. The Free trial will never be enough to get you going

•    Too many upsells

•    Information provided is basic

•    Cannot personally contact the founders

•    upsell, UpSell, UPSELL!

Training and Tools

Once you have signed up for the Free Trial, you will get a sneaky peak into the world of Six Figure Mentors. You will get access to a 7- day training video on affiliate marketing, which you should receive in your email. The pitch they offer at the end of the training video is designed to reel you into purchasing starter membership pack ($29.95).

However, every membership level only has a limited amount of access. Hence, the need to upgrade and purchase more of their upsells in a bid to earn money. Below are the Membership Levels and their costs:

•    Affiliate access: This is the initial 7- day free training video. However, the information they provide is very basic.

•    Student Access or Starter Membership Level: 29.95$ with an additional monthly cost of $25 (optional).

•    Essential Membership: $297 and a monthly payment of $97

•    Elite Membership: an annual payment of $2,500 with an additional monthly payment of $97

After you’ve purchased the Elite Membership, you’ll be coaxed to pay for more training as a Digital Experts Academy (DEA) member. This may cost up to $20,00.

As if that is not enough, the tools they offer will cost you as well. Notably, to upgrade their tools, you have to keep paying for them. Below are a few of the tools that they offer:

•    Simple Digital Capture (29.95$ monthly)

•    Graphix Creator ($99)


Confused much? Here’s a comparison on what’s included at every level to help you understand how much it’ll end up costing you to have a chance at making money:

SFM Six Figure Mentors .Com - SCAM?


You can contact a consultant if you have any questions that need answering. There’s a chat bot functionality on their website, which is neat. The level of support, however, will depend on the membership level you’re at. SFM Six Figure Mentors .Com - SCAM?

Summary – Is SFM A Scam?

The Six Figure Mentors program is definitely not a scam. However, the only way you can earn money from it is if you a top ranking member. More than likely, you’ll have to have become a Digital Experts Academy member to start cashing in some money. Needless to say, you’ll have to part with a considerable amount of money to get there.

Hence, the program is only beneficial to the founders and the top ranking members. I do not recommend it, as there are options and programs available to you for free where you get a lot more value.

A Better Way To Make Money Online

If I’ve kept your attention to the end of this review, then I feel like it’s my obligation to tell you about my #1 recommendation; a better way to make money online, and the place where I’ve learnt everything I know about affiliate marketing and monitizing a website. This very website is 100% a result of my efforts learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years, and continues to add new training and tools on a daily basis. Of course, it’s completely FREE to join, as any legit affiliate marketing program should be – feel free to read my in-debt review here (I wrote it more than 5 years ago when I first started out, but I will stand by it today as I did back then). I am not one to push a sale down anyone’s throat, so all I ask is that you do some reseach before deciding on a program online that will give you the tools and training to be successful online. Feel free to have a quick read of how I got started too.


If you have any questions or feedback about The Six Figure Mentors, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you

Have a super day!


10 Replies to “SFM Six Figure Mentors .Com – SCAM or Legit?”

  1. Hi Karina, another great post by yourself.
    This typical of the sites that draw people in with the idea of making money and then up selling them to death by feeding them breadcrumbs in the hope they will succeed.
    It is annoying but this type of offer only works because people will pay the money to try it. It might not be ethical but these guys make a lot of cash.
    Unfortunately people do look get rich quick schemes – I always say that it’s like any job, you have to work to earn.
    Your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate is spot on and I would encourage anyone to give it a try and learn how to do things the right way.
    Great post.

  2. HI Karina, thanks for your post. This one actually popped up in my browser the other day and I did click on the link but didn;t get much further.  These tyoe of sites are funny I agree.  I guess, for the founders, it is a fine line between proividing a lot of useful information and making some money.  It looks like these guys have got it slightly wrong.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate but do often look at other programs just to make sure I have good coverage of education.  Will give this one a miss though.

    Thanks again


  3. six figure mentors have some quality to offer its members however its biggest drawback for me is its expensive fees. A lot of persons wanting to start an online business are doing so because they lack much capital and so need a soft landing to enable them to start something meaningful that they could help them earn consistent passive income. Making such online programs expensive from the start defeats that aim for most users.

    1. You hit the nail on the head right there! People starting out don’t normally have thousands of dollars spare to spend – I know I didn’t when I first started. I wouldn’t have started with Wealthy Affiliate either if I wasn’t able to sign up for free

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. I think you are too nice to SFM by saying it’s not a scam. A program that only teaches how to sell their own product and requiring the member to purchase and purchase their upsells sounds like a perfect scam to me. There are too many of them out there. They all look almost the same and have all the signs of being a pyramid. At some point, they will end up the same way as MOBE – being shut down by authorities. There are several decent options, like WA, that teach much more for an honest and modest price. I’m glad you posted this review so fewer people will be caught into this trap and lose their money.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Mary – really appreciate it. 

      They don’t promise to make you rich in no time with no effort, and so I wouldn’t straight out say they’re a scam. But I see your points, and appreciate your opinion

      Thanks again

  5. Hi there:

    Truly I am so sick of seeing companies like SFM out there.  There are so many now actually.  Yes, you could probably make some money if you really knew what you were doing.  But for most of us, like me, it would not become a reality.  Oh yeah, I’m not already rich, so how do they think I can afford to pay thousands of dollars hoping to make money eventually with elite membership?  Huh?  That just makes me so angry when I see things like that going on.  Thank you for opening the eyes of whomever reads your article.  This is really insightful


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