How To Build a Successful Online Business

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The social phenomenon known as the internet has afforded us tremendous opportunities that were otherwise impossible a few years ago. With the help of your laptop, you can tap into a world of an unprecedented amount of income. From blogging and Web Designing to Affiliate marketing and social media consulting, there are a number of online businesses.

Online businesses require little to no amount of capital to start. Additionally, they allow the online entrepreneur to work from anywhere and at his/her own pace. Continue reading “How To Build a Successful Online Business”

How to make a website blog – 9 tips to improve readability

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As you set out to write your next blog post, it’s easy to focus on those right keywords that provide the best SEO, and perhaps lose track of how easy it is to read and what it visually looks like. You need to focus on how to make a website blog that also reads well; keeping in mind that reading from a screen can be a lot more straining than reading off a printed paper. There are many ways to improve this ‘readability’, and I’ll outline 9 tips in my post today. Here’s to hoping I “write by example” 😉

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Juggling a work and family life in online business

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I was asked recently by a reader to give more insight on how I’m juggling my websites and being a mum of 3 young kids. It is certainly possible, and I intend to give you some information on when I write and where I find the motivation; my way of juggling a work and family life while I make blogging websites.

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How to Make Money on Maternity Leave

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Make Money While on Maternity Leave**Repost from 2015** I am currently on maternity leave with my 4 month old twin girls. Being a Norwegian living in Australia, I can at times find it very hard to swallow that I’m not receiving the same great income benefits as my childhood friends back in Norway while on leave with my babies. Luckily I have found a great way to make money while on maternity leave – doing affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing SUPPORT

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I’ve been working with affiliate marketing for some years now, but I would by any means call myself an expert. As with most industries these days, this one is forever evolving, and there are always new and improved ways to optimise your site and message.

As someone starting out totally green, I could not have done this without the support of Wealthy Affiliate and all the helpful members. Here are just a few ways to seek support:

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