How to Make Money on Maternity Leave

How to Make Money on Maternity Leave**Repost from 2015** I am currently on maternity leave with my 4 month old twin girls. Being a Norwegian living in Australia, I can at times find it very hard to swallow that I’m not receiving the same great income benefits as my childhood friends back in Norway while on leave with my babies. Luckily I have found a great way to make money while on maternity leave – doing affiliate marketing.

I currently own and manage two sites including this one, and my latest site was only created after the birth of my twin girls. I must admit I find it easier to write content on my twins related site that this one (yes, I am blatantly honest), however, receiving those monthly checks from the affiliate programs I take part in on this site gives me a great sense of achievement. Not to mention they help pay bills that unfortunately don’t stop while I am in this sleep deprived existence with my baby girls.

Affiliate Marketing

When I first set out to research legitimate ways to make money online, I had never even heard of affiliate marketing. To my readers who are in the same boat, it’s basically a way in which a company will pay the affiliate a commission for referring visitors to their site and/or to buy their products/services. A better, yet still simple, explanation is given in this short video:

How to make money online – The process explainedHow to Make Money on Maternity Leave


I feel very fortunately to have come across Wealthy Affiliate in the process of finding ways to earn money and work from home. You can read my full review of the program here, but in essence I thank this site (and community) for teaching me everything I know about online business today and for showing me that I can make money off any website I create. It has proved not to be brain surgery and a layman like myself is now proud to say that I make money online. 🙂

How to Make Money on Maternity Leave


Becoming part of Wealthy Affiliate is totally free, and the beauty of it is that you will learn to earn money of your passion and interest. By no means do you need to promote them (I just choose to), and it’s this honest and genuine educational space that most attracted me to the site. Want to blog about your fashion interests? Why not learn how to make money from your website at the same time 🙂 The same goes for any other niche, fashion was just an example. If anything, it won’t hurt taking a look at what I’m referring to right? 🙂

How to Make Money on Maternity Leave



I’d love to hear from anyone else making the extra money while on maternity leave, and how you do it. Please feel free to comment below.

Have a great day!


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    1. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to read the post. Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement any income at any stage really. And it’s a way to start your own business without having to drop any day jobs to start off with; you can go at it at your own pace

      thanks again


  1. Such beautiful babies. I’m a stay at home mom working on this affiliate marketing thing. I’ve only been doing it a few months. I’ve earned my first dollar, but nothing more so far. I’m hoping things will really start to pick up in the next couple of months. 

    I love the opportunity to stay at home with my five month old. I get to hang out with her all day and write about something I enjoy. Because it’s a topic I like, I have motivation to keep working on it even though the income isn’t coming yet.

    1. Thank you Nicole! 🙂 They turn 4 in a couple of weeks – how time flies! When I was on maternity leave with the twins, I also worked a bit on a second website (, which I found easier to write on as it is about my babies. Have to admit that this site is my primary work still though, as I get a consistent income from it 🙂

      All the best in your online business Nicole!


  2. I bet it’s hard to raise 2 kids plus posting on the Internet. It might be hard to find time or topics to write about when you are very tired. I would like to see a post about how you have handled your websites & kids at the same time. Talk about when you write & where you get the motivation!

    1. Hi Rachel, 

      That’s a great idea, and I will definitely write a post covering that very topic. As I said to another reader, I find it easiest to write posts when I can be me and use my style of writing, not trying to be something I’m not. and the topic you suggested will be a motivating post in itself to write. Thank you! 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing with us this fantastic experience you had with Wealthy Affiliate while being in maternity leave.Making money online these days is very amazing when you found a great platform like Wealthy Affiliate.Free training,support ans lovely community which is very helpful for every one within the community.

    I have joined Wealthy Affiliate since last month,but I am having great time and I started earning some money.

  4. I am currently on maternity leave. Since I am based in the UK and I usually work, I do get a maternity pay. However, who doesn’t mind some extra cash? The bills only grow with each child. I have started to do affiliate marketing too. Whilst I am still waiting for results and to make a lot of money, I am already seeing little seeds of success.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, really appreciate it. And exciting to hear you’re doing affiliate marketing also – are you with WA or another program?

      Thanks again


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