How To Target An Audience For A Website

How To Target An Audience For A WebsiteIs it possible for anyone to have online success? Absolutely. Can you write about practically anything? Absolutely! Once you embark on the journey of setting up and managing your own online business – your own blog and website – you will have to decide what your niche will be. Deciding who your target audience will be, and how to target particular audiences, can be challenging for some…so let me give you a few pointers here.

The niche

It is my opinion that you can make money online off any niche. With the millions and millions of people searching the Internet every day, there is bound to be a great market for any niche. So try not to over-think this process – simply choose a niche that you are passionate about, or that you are interested in. As a personal example, a few years back I started working on my second website, and chose to target toys for boys. I have a son, 2-3 years at the time, who was naturally obsessed with toys (anything with wheels!), and so my thinking was that ‘hey, I actually know a bit about this topic now’ and I’m interested in reviewing toys that I have first hand experience with. I later set up in honour of my twin girls. Admittedly, I haven’t done a lot of work on this site over the past couple of years as the site you’re on right now is the one giving me a steady income. But you get the idea I’m trying to get at 🙂

Targeted niche

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to focus on, then you probably need to narrow it down. It is important that the niche is not too broad – rather have it more targeted. In my own example again, all boys’ toys is a very broad niche. I decided to focus on “Disney Pixar Cars” toys (seeing that it seemed to be all my son ever wanted play with – Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night screaming “McQueen! McQueen!”…too cute).

= $$ for me?? Yes please How To Target An Audience For A Website🙂

So where does the income come from?

Depending on what niche you have chosen, there are different avenues of generating the income. There are heaps of great affiliate programs at your online doorstep, and it’s fairly easy to spot the legit programs from the scam programs. My first niche is all about affiliate marketing and where to learn this, and so I am here involved in affiliate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, Namecheap, Jaaxy, Click Bank and so on. Seeing my second niche was more on reviewing toddler toys, I got involved in the affiliate program at Amazon and other similar sites.

Writing content

It is always good to have the mindset of becoming the best within your niche. And when you write content for your website, always keep your target audience in mind. Your readers should feel that the site is relevant to the domain name, and that every blog post has some sort of symmetry. Using my personal case again, it would make no sense whatsoever if I suddenly published a post on “Lightning McQueen Cars Toys Set” when the rest of my site is all about online education, building websites etc. Keep it relevant to your target audience. In the end, once you create success within one niche, it is easy to replicate the formula to other niches.

I hope you enjoyed my little post. I’d love to hear your feedback or questions, so please drop me a line below. I’ll get back to you asap. And if you’d like to receive more relevant content, please sign up to my email list.

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8 Replies to “How To Target An Audience For A Website”

  1. Hi Karina! It is truly challenging when it comes to targeting audiences especially for beginner bloggers. Your idea for choosing a niche is great. One has to choose a niche he  has versed knowledge of or interest in, in order to keep the fire burning. I also love that initiative of narrowing the niche down. Thanks for your informative article. It is quite helpful.

  2. Hi Karina,

    This is a perfect explanation and guideline in your article about targeting an audience for a website. I think many people will find motivation for their niche site’s writing work after reading your post. I also got some inspiration for starting my blog site. I am going to follow you soon. I believe your other article will be helpful for me also and I am going to bookmark your site. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  3. I did enjoy your “nice little post”! I think that finding a niche is incredibly important when you are deciding a direction for your website. Sometimes, I think people can get really hung up on finding one, however, for me it is just a matter of passion. If you are passionate about something or have a good amount of knowledge on a subject (as you did with your son’s toys) then there very well could be a market for that passion.

    I relate so much to what you said about your son. I have a 3-year old boy of my own and he is the exact same way. If it has wheels, it’s the best thing ever. His current love is fire trucks, which probably stems from us living near a fire station! 

    Thanks for writing this really helpful post!

    1. Hi Steve, 

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, really appreciate it. Enjoy every moment with your son – they grow up so quickly! My son is turning 8 this year…eeek!


  4. This is a nice and wonderful post. i have been able to learn how to target audience for my website through selecting a particular Niche, and also thanks for suggesting wealthy affiliates as parts of the affiliate programs where income could come from. I am also part of Wealthy Affiliate and i must say its a very lovely platform to promote ones website through affiliate marketing.I look forward to getting more posts from you related to this Niche. Thanks a lot

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