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holidaymoreworklessThis is my story – one of my stories at least. I run my online business and get motivated by the motto: Holiday More Work Less


The Past

A while ago my partner and I decided that we spent way too much time at work. We longed for holidays and more time with family and friends. My typical week; working on a construction site as a plumber, and I would spend no less than 10 hours a day / 6 days a week at work. A 60 hour week was not unusual for me…

I started looking at what type of lifestyle i had – I’d lost contact with friends that had given up on asking me out to social events as my answer was always “no”; I got to see my new baby boy (now 2.5 years) maybe half an hour a night before he jumped into bed and this situation made me very upset. My boy was growing and I was missing it! That really hit a nerve with me and we decided we must make changes now or lose these precious moments of our child growing – something we could never get back. Work is definitely not as important as family, yet I spent most of my life at a job i really didnt like to cash in the almighty dollar..


The Change

So we decided to make a change. I didn’t decide to walk into the office at work, tell the boss to stick his job and run off to my new life without a care in the world – I made the move I believe was my best decision in years; starting our own online business with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate University.  I could now work online from home instead of spending all these extra hours at my day job. I set myself a standard 40hr work week and in the evening (after my son was tucked away in bed) I would work on my online business. BEST DECISION EVER!



The Present

Today I write this blog sitting at the door of my tent in beautiful Ballina – Spending the Australia Day long weekend up here in Northern NSW,  and while I’m relaxed as ever:



This Is How We Do It

Yes, I completely intend for you to be humming the song in your head now 🙂
The beauty of having your own online business is that there are no closing times – it gives access to your audience 24/7 – meaning I can still make money while on holidays or simply sleeping at night.

Now don’t jump up and think “This is it! I’ve found the answer & I will be rich in no time!”. Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t work like that. Building our website and working on the content has taken us countless hours and continuous work – but that’s the amazing thing; i’m no computer wiz; I’m definitely no intellectual genius (my wife can vouch for that and does regularly); I’m your average run of the mill tradie who is happy with a beer in one hand and the footy on the tv. So what I’m trying to say is it has worked for me and so it will totally work for you! All you need to do to get started is be passionate and throw yourself into it. What do you have to lose?


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