Making Money Online in Australia – here’s 26 ways to do so!

Making Money Online in Australia - here's 26 ways to do so!The internet, over the last couple of decades, has opened up numerous opportunities that were otherwise impossible. From connecting with individuals from anywhere in the world by a simple click of a button to earning money online, the world is really getting “smaller” in terms of global reach. Yes, you can now earn money online from the comforts of your own home.

Granted, the internet has also opened an avenue for scammers and unscrupulous individuals to exploit. This can cause people wishing to make an honest living through online work to hesitate. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best ways to make money in Australia.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to market products and services that belong to another company or business. By posting your unique affiliate link on your website, you can link your visitors to these products and services. You earn a commission if the visitors purchase the products and services. I’ve personally been making money doing affiliate marketing for more than 5 years now – not going into details here, but if you’re interested, check out my story.


Sell Jewellery or Your Own Crafts

For the creative and artistically inclined, Etsy offers a platform where you can sell your own handcrafted work. You can also sell your handcrafted items on eBay, which also serves as an online marketplace for handcrafted crafts and jewellery.


Earning From Web Design

Web designers are highly sought out individuals in this day and age. Furthermore, they get paid very well for their web designs and creations. So, if you can create and build websites, logos and so forth, you can easily offer your services at a cost.

Join platforms such as 99 Designs to connect with people that may need your services.


Sell Products on Amazon

Making Money Online in Australia - here's 26 ways to do so!

You can earn money on Amazon by utilizing the market arbitrage method. This is where you purchase a product that costs far less than what it’s sold on Amazon, the site you want to sell them on. The difference in price is where you’ll get your profit.

Of course, you want to ensure that you are purchasing products that are reputable. Have them taken to Amazon Fulfillment Centre and add them to the Amazon list so that you can sell them. I recommend you check out their own section on the different ways to sell product on their site here.


Freelance Writing

You can easily become a freelance writer by joining sites such as UpWork and even Stay at Home Mum.  Of course, this is a great avenue for those that possess great writing and research skills. Quality work is what will ensure that you get more jobs and better pay. I have written a few post on this topic alone, here’s one that I thing you’ll find useful.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like any other normal assistant, only he/she carries our tasks virtually. The tasks of a virtual assistant as still the same, however. From writing and editing documents to sorting through emails, a virtual assistant is often busy.

If you are good at this, you can easily connect with individuals on online platforms such as


Product Testing

You can get a good amount of money for testing products and writing reviews on them. Companies and various business enterprises will send you products for free so you can test them.



What is it that you do best? Which areas are particularly skilled in or well- knowledgeable? It can be anything from social media and blogging, to eBook writing and music. Whatever it is, you can offer your services through online coaching for a fee.

Thanks to platforms such as Skype, you can easily connect with interested individuals.


Sell Your Own Photos

If you enjoy photography or you’re a skilled one, you can make money from doing what you love. You easily do this by selling your photos online to interested parties. You can either sell your photographs in two forms: Stock photography and/or art photography.

Stock photography makes a lot more money compared to art photography. Stock photography entails that you sell your photos to interested websites at a fee. A site that I personally use to get pictures for this very site, is Pixabay.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a very effective method to earn a passive income. This is especially true for those that experience high traffic to their websites.

This type of advertising entails using a link or banner that you post on your website. If the visitors click on the links, you get paid a certain amount of commission. Of course, you’ll have had to have partnered with an advertiser in order to do this. Wealthy Affiliate, where I’m a member, will teach you everything you need to know about PPC ads and other forms of making money online.



Pay Per View Advertising

Just like pay per click ads, you’ll have to use a link, a button or a banner for this type of ad. To do this, you’ll have to join Google Adsense, to which they will give you an HTML code of your own. Only after inserting the link to your website will you be the Pay Per View Ads appear. The same goes for Pay Per Click.

However, when it comes to Pay Per View Ads, you only get paid according to the number of people that viewed your ad.


Stock Trading

Stock trading is a great option for individuals that are good with numbers. By simply investing a certain amount of money, you can participate in stock trading by simply using your computer. Stock trading can help you earn a good amount of money, making your investments worthwhile.


Write and Sell E-Books

Making Money Online in Australia - here's 26 ways to do so!

If you possess great writing skills and don’t mind lengthy writing, this one is for you. You can write your own Ebook and sell it on online platforms such as Amazon.

You can also offer services as an E-book writer. There are numerous individuals looking for ebook writers. Not only is there a high demand for writers, but for creative book ideas as well.




Blogging is a booming online industry where individuals are able to make money through writing and creating content. It can be hard, but if you choose to write about something you’re passionate about and like discussing, there are opportunities available. I’ve writted quite a few posts on content writing, and writing about your passion – feel free to check it out here.


Become a Social Media Manager

Social media managers often manage social media accounts for certain companies and businesses. This job is suitable for those that are well versed in operating a good number of them and engaging individuals on such platforms.



Work as a Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists are paid very well and are highly sought after. More often than not, they transcribe video and audio files for pay. If you are good at this, especially in a particular field, you can earn some good amount of money.



Online Accountant

If you’re tired of working in an office with a very stiff work schedule, why not switch to online accounting? Carry out some research on online accounting jobs and join freelancing sites to land a good job.




Yes, you can type up written work in scanned form for payment. This works well if you’re fast at typing.




If you are great at bookkeeping, you can work as an online bookkeeper and earn a fair amount of money. However, try and work for Australian companies to ensure that you get paid decent wages. Various freelancing websites are great platforms to connect you to interested companies.



Make and Upload Engaging Youtube Videos

Prettu much anybody can start a YouTube Channel of their own. As long as you have a computer, internet and a good camera to record your videos, you’re set to go. However, ensure that your videos are of high quality and offer quality and credible information.

You can earn money by making YouTube Videos through Adverts, working with sponsors or affiliate marketing. Personally, I have only recently startied dabbling wiht videos – I find them harder that writing, mainly because I don’t like listening tomy own voice. So many people in my affiliate marketing network thinks the opposite – that it’s easier to do videos than writing articles. Each you their own 🙂




Work As A Social Media Expert

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that numerous companies would like to harness and invest in. If you are an expert in any of the available social media platforms, you can offer your services to other companies. Help them grow their audience reach and increase their digital marketing efforts.

Write An App

Do you have a great app idea that you’d like to see materialize? If so, why not write and develop one? Many of us may not know how to code and develop the app ourselves. However, if you have the idea, you can ppartner with an app developer to make the whole process easier and faster.


Data Entry

Date entry is an easy task that only requires a limited skill. In other words, anyone can do it. However, try connecting with Australian companies in need of data entry individuals to secure good pay.


Paid Surveys

Despite the fact that you can earn money by filling out paid surveys, you will have to invest some time in them. Most surveys often take up at least 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Moreover, they do not pay as well as other online money making avenues.

Hence, it is advisable that you do this when you have time to spare.


Sell Products on eBay

This is a lot like selling items and products on Amazon. Find an online site that sells items for much cheaper, before selling them on eBay.

Ensure that you carry out your research on the items that are highly preferred and sought after. This way, you can tap into a large market.



This is a great avenue for those that are good at programming. By joining freelancing sites, you can get programming jobs at a good price.

Ok, I’m exhausted now 😉 I chose not to dive too much into the details of all the option, rather I’ve listed a whole range of avenues that you can make money online. As always, I’d love to hear feedback and questions.

I’ve chosen blogging and affiliate marketing as my preferred ways to make money online, and you can aread all about my personal journey if that interests you. This whole site is dedicated to making an income online, so if you’re curious to find out more, feel free to browse my site 🙂


Have a super day!


20 Replies to “Making Money Online in Australia – here’s 26 ways to do so!”

  1. The internet is truly amazing as it has made it possible for people to not only make money offline but also be able to make money online. It is like the world has opened up and has given almost anyone an opportunity to make money online and one of my favorite ways of doing this is through affiliate marketing.

    I consider it a really good way to make money online as you don’t have to create your own product and rather sell other people’s product. Although just like any business it might be a lot of work at the beginning but with time it can prove to be a very lucrative business that just about anyone can do and succeed in it with some level of hard work.

  2. You have listed, very helpful and interesting ventures that could bring income while sitting comfortably at home with a nice warm cup of coffee or in my case, a nice cup of tea, I do have one question though, you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate and said you are a member, can they train some one  to make money online if the person knows absolutely nothing about Affiliate marketing? and if so, is it expensive to join?

    Thank you so much for this article, its very helpful, I have found some really great ideas and I look forward to reading more from  you.


    1. Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your feedback and interest in Wealthy Affiliate. The answer to your question is Yes, this is THE place to start when you don’t know anything about online business. When I started out I had no idea, everything I know about affiliate marketing and making money online I’ve learnt there. It’s FREE to get started – I suggest you check it out 🙂

  3. Hi Karina,

    I think that these are all great ways of making money online.  The beauty of the Internet is the fact that all of these money making methods also work anywhere else in the world, not just Australia.  To me, the Internet is a global tool, so anyone and everyone can benefit from it as long as you have a valid connection.

    To get back to “making money online”, although they are all very good methods, from the list you provided, my preferred method is affiliate marketing, and I combine it with blogging.  By doing both on one website, I can monetize my blog easily without having to buy any inventory or expensive software.  All I need is a host for my website and good ideas to blog about.  I know there is a lot more involved here, but it would take too much time to write all about it.

    Bottom line, making money online is not as easy as some would pretend, but if someone is prepared to put in the necessary effort, just like any other brick and mortar business, then success usually follows.

    PS – One item in your list did pick up my interest which is an online accountant.  Being an accountant by trade, I could easily see myself doing this as a supplemental income for my retiring years, but had not thought about it before.  I will bookmark this page for future reference


  4. Wow such a wonderful article Karina, I really like all the ways that you’ve mentioned in this article and am most willingly to try on at least 5 of them. I really feel like I can make side money from doing these things. I really wish you could tell me more about making money online through typing cause all I find are data entry jobs and most of which are plain scams or is just a networking scam where I have to offer money to make a lot of money which looks fishy in the first place. 

    Other than that, I really find your article wonderful and it was real fun to read.

  5. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me.this post really highlights different type of online making money at someone’s convenience. But I prefer blogging,social media expert and online social media manager. I will look into this and get like multiple streams of income to make money online. Thanks

  6. Thanks for writing this article so full of information and educative on 26ways to make Money online

    I must say a job well done to you for doing your findings and outing up this post, I know many that is looking for how to make money online will find it helpful in many ways

    there are many to do job that can fetch good money that I don’t even know of in this article, for now I only engage in like 3 out of the 26job you listed. I will like to add some other ones like Sell Jewellery or Your Own Crafts and Product Testing.thanks 

  7. Only a lazy man will not be able to earn from at least one of all the twenty-six different methods of making money online. I must commend you for being specific and to a large extent being explicit on each and every of the methods you listed. Though some of those methods are very laborious and the pay isn’t commensurate with the effort one has put in ( an example is the data entry job). Thanks so much for this educative article. It has surely been of help

  8. That’s very detailed information, I’m in WA for about a few months, it is a great place to making money online, and you have a very professional introduction, you also introduced lot of way to making money, great job! It is easier to understand than WA training! You can use your interest to making money in WA, but you also need work hard! This place have many great people! Everyone is welcome you in WA!

  9. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article. This will really help anyone who wants to make money from the online world. I am into affiliate marketing and trust me this is one of the best online job you can ever find yourself doing, although there are other jobs but the experience I have is that of affiliate marketing and it is my recommendation for anyone who wants to make money online.

  10. The internet has opened up tons of avenues to make money online. A lot of people are making use of the unique opportunities.

    I don’t think it’s every program you’ve listed that’s worth participating in. For example, survey programs pay very low and won’t really give you true financial freedom.

    Personally, I’m a freelance writer and also an affiliate marketers. I’m looking to start an online course in mathematics because I’m good at that, could you give me pointers on how to go about this?

    Expecting to hear from you, cheers!

    1. Hi Louis, 

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment – really appreaciate it 🙂

      In regards to starting an online maths course, I think a great way to start is by doing yournindustry research; see what’s already out there and decide on your target audience. Are you looking to help school kids? R adults? Those type of decisions. And in terms of getting you set up with a website and writing content for your site, I recommend you check out wealthy affiliate for all things websites 🙂 hope this helps! Have a super day!



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