Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 Ranked

Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 RankedProduct name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Cost: $0 starter membership

Owner: Kyle and Carson

Overall score: 9.5 / 10



This is my honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the largest and most trusted Internet marketing and learning programs available online.

OK, full disclosure: I am a WA member. A Premium member, in fact.

Naturally, I truly believe in the ‘product’ and the education they provide, however, I’d like to keep my review straight to the point and promise I won’t glorify it.

Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate can all be described as a community, an internet marketing platform, and a learning program.

The site primarily offers education and training for members about the ins and outs of internet marketing. All the members, including the support staff and the owners, can interact and help each other. It provides several tools needed for a starter or existing marketer to be successful.

It’s not a get-rich-quick program, you will have to work for your success. But it is so so doable. (oh, and by the way…if anyone comes across a quick-cash program that is NOT a scam, please let me know. I am all for working hard, but wouldn’t say no to easy cash either;-)

Pros and Cons


  • FREE to get started (and no pressure to upgrade). It’s absolutely possible to learn how to make money online on the Starter Membership at NO COST
  • Structured training for beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • High definition video tutorials
  • Lively community with thousands of active members with “pay it forward” mentality
  • Robust technical support
  • Real-time chats and support from members (and owners)
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS, everything is presented upfront
  • Build your website and manage it on a web host for FREE
  • Down to earth, engaging owners
  • ZERO tolerance for spams!


  • I have seen other reviews of WA, and the only cons I have seen people present is ‘too much information’. For me, that is NO con. The information is presented in a structured way, and you can do simple searches on the information you are looking for.

Who is it for?

If you wish to achieve success and are willing to work for it, then it’s for you. You don’t need start capital, you don’t need to be an internet or a technology wiz…you just need to have the desire to learn how this works and it will. I don’t want it to come across as it’s only for newcomers…WA is also hugely beneficial for experienced online entrepreneurs wanting to expand on their skills. In short, it is for everyone except scammers. The honesty and dedication of the culture at Wealthy Affiliate is nothing short of refreshing.

Training and Tools

There is extensive training available. There are training modules available for all skill levels, and in different formats too:

  • Video training as well text tutorials
  • Interactive discussions
  • Classrooms on variety of topics
  • Live weekly webinars (you can also watch past webinars)
  • Task based courses with step by step, easy to follow instructions

a review of wealthy affiliate program

Of course, training by itself is not enough. Wealthy Affiliate also offers excellent tools to help you in your research, content writing, and website building as well as maintenance:

  • Keyword research tool
  • WordPress Express (website builder)
  • Low competition keyword lists
  • Stable and secure hosting for unlimited websites (premium members only)
  • Over 1400 website templates
  • Rapid writer (to help you write your content)

Wealthy Affiliate delivers a truly all inclusive education and service platform for your online business that is unmatched.


My favourite ‘personality trait’ of Wealthy Affiliate, without a doubt, is the support you get from both the other members and the owners. You will never feel alone; you will always get timely responses to your queries.

Members usually interact via the forum section. The good thing about this interaction is that it provides venue for all the site members to ask questions, seek help, and for the successful ones to render assistance to others. There are options on where to obtain your support too:

  • Live 24/7/365 chat
  • Interactive discussions and live Q&A periods
  • Private messaging system (you can message anyone, including Kyle and Carson and other experts)

I have found it truly inspiring and motivating to experience how willing everyone is to help others. (take my hat off in awe) Thank you.


Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels:

Starter Membership: $0

Premium Membership: $47 per month or $359 per year

Below is a snapshot of the differences:

a review of wealthy affiliate program

It goes without saying that the Premium Membership gives you access to everything on the website, and many (including myself) finds that the benefits way exceed the small fee. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with the Starter Membership, you absolutely can. And I would certainly not recommend that you sign up as a Premium Member before checking the $0 option out first. You will not regret it.

Summary + Special BONUS!

Yes Yes Yes! It’s not a scam, no one in their right mind would try to convince you otherwise. It’s free, and so there is no risk in checking it out for yourself. Simply click here, and enjoy! Upon joining, I will touch base with you ASAP and welcome you. Please make sure you do the set-up of your account, it’s very simple and you get guided through it…and (as you know) it’s $0.

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join the free Starter Account, I will also offer you a bonus if you want to become a Premium Member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). I don’t want to ‘sell’ it to you here; I will merely send you more information on this bonus offer if you sign up to the Starter Account for free. But I can tell you this much; it’s AWESOME! 🙂

a review of wealthy affiliate program

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any feedback or questions. You can leave a comment below, or get in touch on WealthyAffiliate.com (here is a link to our profile)

And finally, just a friendly reminder to sign up to our newsletter to keep on top of any new blog posts in this world of earning a living working from anywhere.


6 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 Ranked”

  1. Great post of WA review. I too love Kyle and Carson’s way of putting things together. They seem so positive and eager to help all of it’s members.

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for the feedback – really appreciate it. I’ve just been so happy with all the support from the owners (and the members!) at WA, I’m glad you see it that way too. I continue to learn every day. Without WA I wouldn’t even have known about keyword tools such as Jaaxy – and we all know we can’t live without it now! 😉

      Have a lovely day Paul!


  2. Hi Karina, love your review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is really informative and you make it sound like a very safe company to join.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Lis. Really appreciate the feedback.
      Honestly, I haven’t regretted joining them for one second. I still learn things every day within the WA community – on how to improve our website and get better google rankings etc.
      Thanks again for your comment.


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