What Is Easy1Up.com? Is it another SCAM?

What Is Easy1Up.com? Is it another SCAM?

Product Name: Easy 1 Up

Website: easy1up.com

Cost: The cost range is between $25 and $1,000

Overall Score: 3/10

What Is Easy1Up.com?

Is Easy1Up another scam? Read my honest review here. Founded by Peter Wolfing (see image to your right), the Easy 1 Up product is basically a Multi-Level Marketing System – a pyramid scheme. The founder has also been linked to scam products such as Business Toolbox, Pay Me Forward and Turbo Cycler just to name a few. This brings us to the real question: Is Easy 1 Up any different, or just another scam.

The product, according to the founder, acts a platform for those that wish to make money online. Hence, the platform claims to provide the information needed to start a successful online business.  Of course, the system offers this information in a series of training sessions.

How Does It Work?

Purchasing the product allows you access to their information on how to be a successful online entrepreneur. The training offered is, however, specifically geared towards promoting their system. In other words, you’ll be taught how to promote their system.

Their training is offered in form of videos which are divided into five levels. Each level has a different set of information on online marketing.

Please note that you can only earn money once you’ve recruited others into the system. Hence, your earning potential solely relies on your ability to promote a product successfully. In return, you’ll, of course, have to part with a considerable amount of money. Classic pyramid scheme – where the owner on top cashes in the most. (please know there are much better and fairer platforms available for free!)

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider this system.


•    Members get paid their commission immediately after making a sale

•    The system offers 100% commission


•    Does not offer a money-back guarantee

•    They provide only basic information on online marketing. Instead, they load their training sessions with sales pitches

•    It is a completely unsustainable system: The system operates as a pyramid scheme. The money comes from the packages (Video levels) that are only accessible to the members. Hence, the need to keep recruiting so as to earn some money is always there.

•    Operates on a Reverse 1 up compensation plan: This means that on you will not earn a commission on your second sale. Instead, the commission will go up to your sponsor. However, you will earn a 100% with the sales you make other after your second sale. I fail to see how they can justify this…

Training and Tools

Below are the highlighted training videos that they offer:

•    Level 1: Elevation: This level only cost $25 with an additional administration fee of $5

•    Level 2: Elevation Elite: cost $100 with an additional administration fee of $10

•    Level 3: Vertex: This level is said to provide more in-depth training. Hence, it costs cost $250 with an additional administration fee of $25

•    Level 4: Vertex Elite: This level covers training on drop shipping, as well as how to generate online traffic. Hence, you’ll have to part with $500 and an extra $50 as administration fees

•    Level 5: Vertex Pro: This level offers a number of online techniques that should cost you $1,000 and an extra administration fee of $100

What Is Easy1Up.com? Is it another SCAM?

Unlike other MLM systems, you are free to choose whichever level you would like to purchase.

Also, this is a done- for- you system. Hence, there’s nothing you have to do other than join, purchase and recruit. I’m saying this like the recruiting part is easy. It’s not. Of course it’s not. There are nothing but terrible reviews of Easy1Up online, so it’s unrealistic to think that the recruiting part is easy. Believe me, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ program – nothing ever is!


On their website, the founder does claim to offer full support to the members. I have spoken to ex-members of the program who says their experience is quite the opposite.


To start, you can choose to pay only $25 for a video or more, depending on the video level you prefer. Notably, every video cost includes an extra fee which goes to the founder. I refer to my previous section on Training and Tools for the price of the different levels.

Summary – Is Easy1Up A Scam?

Yes, it is a scam. Numerous red flags highlighted above point to the fact that it is indeed, a scam. The owner, Peter Wolfing, is known for having started other scam programs and systems.

Also, it operates on a system that is similar to that of MOBE, which was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. Hence, it will not last long. It will either crash due to its unsuitability or be shut down. My advise is to steer clear by a mile!

A LEGIT Way To Make Money Online

As I mentioned earlier on in my review, there are legit platforms online where you can learn how to earn a living online. My best recommendation is FREE, very easy for any beginners as you get step by step guidance on every aspect on the online business. It’s the place where I’ve learnt everything I know about affiliate marketing and monitizing a website. This very website is 100% a result of my efforts learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

The affiliate program they offer is world leading, with more than 1.4 million members to date. It’s completely FREE to join, as any legit affiliate marketing program should be – feel free to read my in-debt review here. And you learn how to make money in any niche – you’re not bound by having to recommmend them in order to make money. Choose a passion, and learn how to monitize it!

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Easy1Up, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you

Have a super day!


6 Replies to “What Is Easy1Up.com? Is it another SCAM?”

  1. Hi Karina – Another scam. Oh dear… 🙁 

    To those of us who have been in the online game for a while, it seems strange that people like Wolfing keep churning out scam product after scam product. They can only be selling to complete newbies and newbies who haven’t bothered to do any research such as tracking down excellent reviews like yours to find out the truth about the product.

    You couldn’t imagine a bricks and mortar company doing anything like this – the the law simply wouldn’t allow it – yet it’s quite prevalent online. It really is still untamed territory which is why consumers need to be super-vigilant.

    Yopu mention Wealthy Affiliate. I can testify that it is a genuine platform for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing. No stupid prices, no up and downline, just genuine solid information on how to do it righ with untold amounts of genuine help and support. I made a few false starts before I discovered it. Maybe that’s what most of us do – but you don’t ahve to! 🙂


  2. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a wonderful information about easy 1up com.Here’s how to create a site, to earn money online successfully.This really very much helpful for us.I believed most of the people will like this information.I will share this information with my friends.Thanks for sharing this informative information.

  3. Thanks for the unbiased analysis, lots of people may fall victim of this scam, this is why the internet need a website like yours, you are like army guiding the walls of online business and digital marketing. When too many fall victims, we will all be affected as people begin to lose trust on anything called online business.

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