The UserTesting Reviews – Is It Worth Your Time?

Product name: UserTesting


Cost: Free

Overall Score: 8/10

This is my honest UserTesting review. I’ve reviewed a few testing/survey-type programs, and so I was very keen to look into UserTesting. I’ve heard great things about it as a means to make money online, but also some rather bad reviews also. So I wanted to check it out for myself 🙂 

What is UserTesting?

UserTesting is basically a human insights platform that was founded by Darell Benatar and Dave Gar. Since its inception in 2007, the platform has allowed organizations to make well-informed business decisions from the insights they receive from their testers.

In other words, this platform is used by companies that want their apps and websites tested by real individuals. Hence, the companies can get real and genuine feedback on their apps/websites before launching them. The individual that tested the app or website, of course; gets paid; and this is the part of the business I’ve looked deeper into. The Testers.

Here’s their own intro to what they do:

How Does It Work?

To join, you simply have to visit their website, get signed up and download a Screen Recorder. The Screen Recorder is imperative since you’ll need this to record yourself giving feedback on the apps/websites you’ve tested. The amount of compensation depends on the length of video you, as the tester, will be required to record.

After you’re signed up, they will have you test a sample site which should take no longer than five minutes. Of course, you want to ensure that you speak fluently and audibly if you want to get approved for the program. Once you’re approved, you can start testing apps and websites for businesses and companies.

Notably, you get paid according to the length of video/test that you are required to do. For instance, for a 20-minute video, which is often the norm, you get paid $10. There are shorter tests, of course, which usually take 3-5 minutes. For these shorter tests, you get paid $3.

For every test that you complete, you receive the payment in your PayPal account seven days after. Needless to say, this platform can help you earn some good pocket money. However, like everything else, this platform has its advantages and disadvantages. They include:


  • Anyone can join the program
  • It pays well
  • It is absolutely FREE to join
  • The work is easy to do and complete


  • It may take some time to get used to doing the tests
  • You cannot make more than 10$ per test
  • The tests are only limited to the number of people that the company has paid for
  • The number of tests you receive will depend on the ratings you get: Every time you test an app or a website for a company, you get a rating. Notably, the company or business that owns the app will be the one rating you. Hence, you have to ensure that your videos are of good quality.
  • You have to be the first one to click on a test, or you forfeit it to another person.


Who Is It For?   

This platform is perfect for those that are keen to make some extra money on the side. As mentioned above, you can only make $10 or less than that per test. Hence, it’s not recommended for those who are looking to make huge amounts of money to support a family.

Also, for this program to work for you, you’ll need a PayPal account. You’ll also need a good internet connection, a device which can either be a smartphone, laptop or tablet. If you can record a video on it, it should work.

English is an absolute requirement if you want to be picked for the program.


UserTesting has managed to maintain a reputable support system for its users. Their toll-free number is available throughout the week apart from the weekends. Please note that it is available at a specific time, which is from 8 am to 5 pm on Pacific Standard Time.

When you first enter their website, there is also a chatbot ready to speak with you – a great sign of someone keen to engage with their customers.


This platform cost absolutely nothing to join. All you need to do is sign up you are good to go.


This platform is legit and is in no way, a scam. It can help someone looking to make some extra cash, and for those people happy with that then I recommend it. However, if you are interesting in making a living for yourself online, then I wouldn’t recommend UserTesting. Not because it’s a bad system, it’s just not realistic to make enough money to make it your sole income.

Want To Make MORE Money Online?

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding UserTesting, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you

Have a super day!



6 Replies to “The UserTesting Reviews – Is It Worth Your Time?”

  1. its good to see we still some genuine people who are ready to offer some work to people  for free no strings attached .this is very great way of earning that exta dollar. It will do some thing more to improve your life but still, i would prefer woking for myself why iam my own boss and no body have to decide wherther to or not to that is why working online and with great platform like WA  Makes you better than most

  2. I have heard of user testing programs in the past. I had signed up for one or two, but I think they were closer to being scams than real. If I could remember the programs names I would let you know so you could check into them further. 

    This sounds like you could make some extra money, who doesn’t need that?

    Now when you say you must record videos, exactly what kind of videos are these? I am sure they are app or site related, but I am still quite curious as to what type of video I would be creating for them.

    Thanks for the lead on some extra money, I am also an affiliate marketer, I am a beginner and have not yet made money from my site, and could use a bit of extra spending $. 


    1. Hi Stacie, 

      Thanks for your comments and questions 🙂 you download the video tech you need for the videos, they are simply ones of you giving the structured feedback as requested. It’s not hard and nothing to be scared to try, if you’re looking to earn a little extra. I’m glad to hear you’re also an affiliate marketer; my recommendation would be to focus on monetizing your site rather than spending time doing testing for next to no money. 

      Have a super day!


  3. Hi Karina. I’ve heard of these guys before. I’ve had my site reviewed by them and I also tried to join them a few years ago. If you can make good videos and are good at critiquing websites, this can be a great way to make a few extra bucks each month. It seems a little competitive though based on your review. You mentioned that you have to be the first to click on a test! So you have to be quick as well! At least they are reputable! Thanks for the great review! Alanna

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