Juggling a work and family life in online business

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I was asked recently by a reader to give more insight on how I’m juggling my websites and being a mum of 3 young kids. It is certainly possible, and I intend to give you some information on when I write and where I find the motivation; my way of juggling a work and family life while I make blogging websites.

Where I find the time

First off, it’s not easy this life-juggling-business! I feel like the older I get, my life admin to-do list grows by the minute. But with anything, it’s not an impossible juggling task. I currently manage 2 websites,and with a 3rd coming soon. Additionally, both hubby and I work full time to help pay day care fees and Sydney living expenses. So the evenings are when I get most of my website work done. I tend to do an hour or two most nights. On the days I manage to get into work early, I try to get a quick draft for a post done (like now). I find that my writing comes a lot easier in the mornings rather than the evening, but I don’t always have the luxury of spare time in the mornings so you make do with the time you have.

Topic ideas

For this site in particular, which focuses on affiliate marketing and how you can make good money online, I get most topic ideas from within the Wealthy Affiliate community;

  • Reading other members’ blogs. I would never ever plagiarise, I simply find inspiration in other people’s writing
  • Searching for keywords. I use Jaaxy as my primary keyword search tool, and I spend a fair bit of time researching low-hanging fruit, and build a post topic from that. I’m looking for keywords that are high in monthly searches and low competition
  • Training material. There is always new training courses and videos on Wealthy Affiliate, and these are great to use as a basis for blog posts too. Sometimes I’ll watch a training video, and by dissecting it I can have 2-3 posts from it.

With the idea I have for my 3rd website, the post topic ideas will be in a completely different form. The site will be a retail focussed one (not going into too much details just yet as it hasn’t launched),and will be mostly product review-style blog posts.

Where I get motivation

I’m human. So to say that my motivation is ace at all times would be a blatant lie. Life is busy, and sometimes that lounge, the tv and a glass of red in my hand is much more appealing than writing that extra blog post. And when that’s how I feel, I won’t force myself to work on the online business. In that moment, I find that I just stare at the laptop more than I write anything regardless and so I might as well just relax. But I do find motivation to keep going. In online business we know that consistency is key, and that is motivation in itself.

Also, I live on the other side of the world from my family and working toward being able to work from anywhere in the world and still get a great income is a great motivation. I want to be able to take the kids home to Norway more often; to get a deeper connection to my home country and of course my parents.

In an everyday sense, I get the most motivation from the other members at Wealthy Affiliate though. I can never underestimate the value I get from them. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but honestly, I have never come across a more supporting and helpful crew ever in my professional life. There is help when you get stuck, motivation in other people’s success, and there is plenty of success available for everyone. There is no feeling of competition although a lot of us are in the exact same business; quite the opposite is true. There is a feeling of lifting each other up at all times (so sorry, that sounds really hallelujah-cheesy… but it’s true, so I will stick by my words 😉)

If you are considering starting an online business, but not sure where to find the time or where to start – feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you



10 Replies to “Juggling a work and family life in online business”

  1. Hi Karina, life-juggling is a common theme in my life as well! I have 2 kids and a husband, one website and a yoga business as well! I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of the time, I feel this sense of urgency to get EVERYTHING done… But lately I have been trying to slow myself down and remind myself that there’s more to life. (Like the glass of red…lol) I love how you relax when you need to – and not push yourself. Sometimes it only takes a half hour of relaxing and then I can start something like a post or even laundry. I work better in the mornings, so I try to switch other things around so that I can do a little writing in the morning!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂 and so exciting you have your own yoga business too! Love yoga, I try to practice 2-3 times a week (usually take a lunch time class at the Yogabar in Sydney). Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

      Have a super day!


  2. Hello Karina, you have a great outlook on life and it comes through in this post. I know most of us go through writer’s block and it can become disappointing. I like your option of just going with the flow until you can get back to writing. One thing I find difficult is trying to manage more than one website. I have two and I find one suffers whenever I focus on the other.

    1. Thanks Harvey, for your feedback and insight – really appreciate it. And I agree with you in terms of managing 2 sites; I too find that one suffers whenever I focus on the other. I’m just accepting that for the moment – no point beating myself up over it. I tend to focus mostly on this site, as I have a monthly recurring revenue from it. The other site is monetized, but at a lesser extent still, so I tend to focus where the money is. ah well – it’s all good 🙂

      Thanks again for reading 🙂


  3. Hi there Work To Be free,

    Like your approach, and with having three children wouldn’t be easy. I liked the detail in how you go about writing content for each of your domains, because,  as you say research is the key to writing. Website is free and easy to read, while at the same time comfortable to the eye and as a result easy to follow.



    1. Hi Tom, 

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. And thanks for such nice feedback 🙂


  4. Not only that this article gives us a lot of information about Wealthy affiliate and gives us an insightful look into our day to day life it also motivates me in a really big time.

    I really like how you and your hubby do this together and currently managing two websites which really motivates me.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us.

    1. ahh thank you for the lovely feedback! So glad to hear you are feeling motivated from it also, what more could I ask for 🙂

      Have a super day!


  5. It’s like the saying goes, the busiest people are the ones who actually get the most done. I’m impressed that you are running 2 sites with a 3rd on the way, working full time, with a family, so you must use your time wisely. I am fairly new to WA and still struggling to understand all the elements of putting together a site & posts etc. I’m teaching myself to take mini breaks to decompress when i get overwhelmed, rather than collapsing for hours, or even a day, to get back to it. As Christmas approaches this year, i feel like the year went by ridiculously fast and time itself is speeding up, or something. I can no longer ‘waste time’, as it is the most valuable commodity i have. All the best to you, sounds like you’re already doing very well.

    1. Thanks for this great feedback, really appreciate it 🙂 And congrats on becoming a member with WA, you’re in the right place. The best thing about having your own online business, is that you can do at your own pace. WA has so many step-by-step training guides and videos, and each one by itself doesn’t require your attention on hours at end. Keep plugging at it, and the rewards will come. 

      Have a super day!


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