How to make a website blog – 9 tips to improve readability

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As you set out to write your next blog post, it’s easy to focus on those right keywords that provide the best SEO, and perhaps lose track of how easy it is to read and what it visually looks like. You need to focus on how to make a website blog that also reads well; keeping in mind that reading from a screen can be a lot more straining than reading off a printed paper. There are many ways to improve this ‘readability’, and I’ll outline 9 tips in my post today. Here’s to hoping I “write by example” 😉

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Juggling a work and family life in online business

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I was asked recently by a reader to give more insight on how I’m juggling my websites and being a mum of 3 young kids. It is certainly possible, and I intend to give you some information on when I write and where I find the motivation; my way of juggling a work and family life while I make blogging websites.

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Get your website traffic

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laptop-3087585_1920There are many ways in which you can drive traffic to your blog and website – some great ways and some not so great ways. Well, to help you along the way, I will list and explain to you how to optimise your website traffic. Most of these techniques are totally free of charge and very easy to implement.

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What Is The Perfect Website Design?

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So what is the perfect website design? Is there even such a thing? Well, I don’t necessarily believe there is, however, I do believe there are some great guidelines to keep in mind in terms of your website design and layout.


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How Do I Create My Own Website For FREE? I’d be happy to tell you…

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Create a website successFor an Internet newbie, the thought of having to build your own website may seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? Well, let me tell you – it really is no hocus-pocus. Anyone with access to a computer and Internet can do it. And so how do I create my own website for FREE? Very easy – here are some simple steps to follow.

Get a Domain Name

First of all, you do need to get a domain name. The domain name is your website address – like on this site – the domain name is I have written a separate article with a few tips on choosing your domain name, but simply put, you want to get one that relates to what you want to write about or sell. You can buy cheap domain names on Namecheap, or you get minimum of 2 websites at absolutely NO COST at Wealthy Affiliate.

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