Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?

Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?

Ever thought of turning your love and passion for Pinterest into an income generating activity? Well, it is possible to make money from Pinterest and have fun while you are at it.

According to, Pinterest has at least 250 million monthly active users. They continue to state that there are over 70 million ideas and 175 billion pins on Pinterest. Notably, the female population makes up the highest number of users, which is 81%. 

This thriving social platform is said to have earned at least $700 million in terms of revenue. The above facts, coupled with its popularity, make Pinterest a promising income generating platform for many users. A good number of users earn a little over $49,000 or more annually.

It goes without saying that Pinterest has a high- income earning potential. Yet, if you are looking for ways on how to exploit this thriving platform, you need to know how. Below we take a look at the top ways to make money on Pinterest.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?Did you know you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? If you’ve been struggling to increase the amount of traffic you get to your site, why not try Pinterest? Considering the number of active users that it has per month, it’s definitely worth a shot. I personally use Pinterest as part of my social sharing strategy for every blog post I produce on this site (this post included) – in fact, I have quite a few regular readers that first found my blog via Pinterest.

Start by creating a Pinterest board that is related to your blog, otherwise known as a blog board. Use your own images that are high quality and visually attractive, and link them back to your blog site. The better quality the image you use, the more likely it is to get repinned. I did a separate post a while back on how to increase your Pinterest followers.

Also, be sure to practice high SEO practices on while creating your blog boards. You can do this by changing your privacy settings to public. This will make it easier for others to find you and your images on Pinterest.

Follow Your Passion

Numerous individuals have turned their passions into an income-generating endeavor, and so can you. If you are passionate about something, Pinterest is one platform that can help you make money from it. Whether its fashion and style or health and fitness, Pinterest can help you build a worthy audience.

Start by creating a board that is centered on your passion/niche. Ensure that your images are high-quality to attract your target audience. Once you’ve started building an audience, create a mailing list and sell to them.

Also, the more the followers, the more likely you are to get approached by other companies to promote their products.

Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way that you can earn a good commission for sharing products on Pinterest. You can do this by using and sharing affiliate links on your boards. Be sure to use URL shortening services to help track how many clicks you get on your link.

The best way to go about this is by choosing and promoting legit and reputable products. To help narrow things down, choose products that are suitable for your niche and passion. Also, by joining Affiliate marketing programs, you can easily connect with major companies, marketers and advertisers.

Build An Audience

Pinterest is just like Instagram and every other social platform. In other words, for one to grow, you’ll need to be active. You can do this by not only adding high- quality images to your board, but also pinning and re-pinning other people’s images.

However, ensure that you re- pin images that are specific to your target audience.   This will help other Pinterest users notice you and start pinning and re- pinning your pins as well. Moreover, they might even start following you.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Social media is an avenue that numerous digital marketers are exploiting. According to, there were over 70% or 2.46 billion social media users worldwide in the year 2017. The numbers are expected to increase to at least 2.77 billion social media users in 2019. 2.77 billion you guys!!

Taking the above statistics into consideration, social media is a great way to reach an insurmountable amount of people. However, not every company has the time to exploit social media platforms such as Pinterest for growth. This is where you come in.

You can work for a company as a virtual assistant. This may entail that you create an account and start creating boards for a brand or company. To do this, however; you’ll have to demonstrate enviable knowledge on how to navigate the platform.

You can either do this full time or part time, as the earning potential tends to build up over time.

Coach Others on Pinterest Strategies

If you’ve already been earning money from Pinterest, why not sell your skills to those in need? You can become a Pinterest coach and train others on how to make money from Pinterest alone. Do not hesitate on creating e-books or e-courses that you can sell online as well.

As an example, Kristin Larsen made it on Pinterest by working as a virtual assistant alone. Now, she has online courses that she sells to others, teaching people on how to do the same.

In conclusion, there are a considerable number of ways that one can make money from Pinterest. The sheer number of users alone should be enough to encourage you. If you have something you’d like to sell, Pinterest is one platform that will not disappoint you.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and questions. Please drop me a line below, and I’ll make sure I get back to you as soon as I can

Have a super day!


18 Replies to “Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?”

  1. Hi Karina. Very interesting post on Pinterest. I’m curious, what’s a course that you recommend for learning Pinterest? That social network seems to be the way to go. Thanks.

    1. Hi Evan,
      Good question, and I haven’t really thought that one through. I know there are a few courses out there, but I only really follow the training Wealthy Affiliate provides on social media sharing, so there you go. Let me have a nosy around, and get back to you again in a few days.

      Thanks for reading, really appreciate it! 🙂


  2. I have just started a pinterest account and it is great to see the possibilities available with this. Your article has some very good information about how to get traffic and it also gives you some motivation by showing that you can succeed by trying this and it is worth a try. There are so many people on pinterest that a few of them are bound to have the same interests as you.

  3. Very informative post!

    I like Pinterest. I’m a art ware designer and digging out new ideas on the Pinterest oftenly.

    But i never thought that we can earn revenue by taking advantage of it.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! I will take actions on it.

  4. When I think of Pinterest, I think of a bunch of ladies posting and reposting old vintage and cute images. I only know about Pinterest because my wife is into it. But I did not know it was possible to make money on Pinterest.

    You’ve given me something to think about. Even using Pinterest to drive traffic to my website would be worth a second look. Maybe, I’ll get to have my wife do the work for me. LoL… I hope she does.

  5. I think you’ve given good information about using pinterest to make money. I am new to it and haven’t been sure how to work it to make money from it. You’ve given me ideas for a starting point, thanks!

  6. Hey karina,

    Thank you for sharing this great post about making money on PINTEREST. I have a Pinterest account for quite some time but not active. The fact that l am not good a create high quality image and unable to pin and repin own and other post due to time constraints. I think now l make it a practise to share all my post to Pinterest in order to drive traffic back to my blog as there are 250 million user per month, a great opportunity to make some income.

    l will look into your recommended areas on how to make money on Pinterest later on.  

    All the best.

  7. Thanks for this really expository article about the use of pinterest, indeed making money online is not magic,  It only requires a deliberate effort and consistency. I have always used pinterest passively as a place of reference for vital information and nothing more. Now I know better, thanks to this article, Things are about to change about my pinterest experience,  there is a lot to be done.

  8. Hi Karina!  I just started with pinterest marketing and my blog traffic has tripled over the last month! It”s unbelievable! I’m also learning to place affiliate links into my post for an extra income stream. Super excited! 

    Are there any affiliate programs that you recommend the most for embedding to pinterest? What have you had the most luck with?

    1. Hi Sarah, 

      How exciting that your blog traffic has tripled! wow, that’s amazing – well done! I use Pinterest to drive traffic to this blog, and I actually have quite a few conversions to Getting Started from people who found my blog on Pinterest. 

      Thanks again! I’ll have to find you on Pinterest now 🙂


  9. I very new to Pinterest sure as you said their alot of work that goes on this place I am now trying to do what you have said driving traffic to towards me  and eventually I will do that but I have  people like you  and wealthy affiliate to thanks for enlightening me  because I didn’t have clue before

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