My Millionaire Website – Scam Review

My Millionaire Website - MOBE Scam ReviewProduct name: My Millionaire Website

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Cost: 49$ to join + UPSELLS

Overall score: 1/10 (NOT Recommended!)


This is my honest review of My Millionaire Website, and it’s not pretty. It’s a MOBE scam review. There, I said it. 😉 Founded in April 2017, My Millionaire Website has obviously grown in popularity from the hype that surrounds it. One question remains: Is this a legitimate site?

What is My Millionaire Website?

My Millionaire Website - MOBE Scam Review

Here’s the thing; My Millionaire Website is not actually an affiliate program. It’s not a program at all. It’s simply a front page teaser and marketing front for My Online Business Education. Aka My Online Business Empire. Aka MOBE. You see, I wasn’t aware of this until after I’ve watched they gag-worthy promo video, and it surprised me as I’ve actually done a complete review on MOBE a couple of years ago. Please read it here. I always get quite appalled by the marketing videos some of these scams publish, and this is no different. Promised to riches in no time, and WARNINGS that the offers will be taken off you unless you act within minutes. So tasteless.


How Does It Work?

So, how does MOBE system work? After purchasing the system, all you have to do is refer others to it. However, you can only earn a commission if others purchase products from the website.

Hence, your ability to earn solely depends on the performance of others. Essentially, since your earnings depend on your ability to recruit others, it works like any other MLM program or system. The ones on top always wins. Not fair.

To purchase the system, you will have to pay $49. However, that’s not all. Their deals come with other packages that cost even more than the initial cost.

For instance, they have gold, titanium, platinum and silver packages just to mention a few. To access the Gold package, you’ll have to pay $4,997 initially, and $512 annually. If you prefer the platinum package, you’ll have to part with $16,667 as the initial cost and $1,584 annually.

Notably, to even be eligible to earn a commission, you have to purchase one of the above-mentioned packages. In other words, you’ll be spending more than just $49. Also, the more expensive a package, the higher your potential to earn a higher commission.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before handing over your money to this mob(e).



  • You may earn some money



  • It is expensive: Costs more than just $49
  • Earning potential is low
  • It’s a high-risk system to get involved with
  • Promises a money- back guarantee of $500. However, you are only eligible for this money- back guarantee if you follow their instructions step by step. This includes purchasing one of their expensive packages.
  • Lack of transparency
  • Provision of false and misleading information: For instance, they state that the system works on autopilot, yet, it does not.
  • The identity of the owner/spokesman remains unknown
  • They are being sued! “On June 4th, 2018, MOBE Ltd was sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States of America

Who Is It For?

This system is good for those willing to gain some digital marketing knowledge. However, you can easily get this type of information elsewhere for cheaper or free. I would not recommend it to anyone.



Their support system comes in the form of your very own mentor. The mentor will give you step to step advice on what to do to start earning money. In this sense, the support system is good.

However, the mentor will also be pushing you into purchasing more packages and products. This can be very annoying and costly.



The initial cost to purchase the system will cost $49. However, you will have to spend more than just that to even earn any commission. Essentially, it is a very expensive investment.

As mentioned above, there are gold, titanium, platinum and silver packages ++. To access the Gold package, you’ll have to pay $4,997 initially, and $512 annually. If you prefer the platinum package, you’ll have to part with $16,667 as the initial cost and $1,584 annually. Crazy expensive!


MOBE is a SCAM in the sense that they do not provide true information. I would stay far away from any place that claim you can start making money instantly, and puts out WARNINGS in their promo videos. as the screen shot below.

You’ll have to invest an incredible amount of money before you can even start receiving any commission. What they preach in the promo video on is incorrect and false. Don’t buy into it, please.

My Millionaire Website - Scam Review


There are legit options out there!

Please rest assured that there are legit options out there; ones that are FREE and that will guide you through the ins and out of online business without wanting anything in return. The affiliate program I am a member of is fantastic, and my #1 recommendation for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online. I didn’t know anything about SEO and WordPress and keywords before joining Wealthy Affiliate more than 5 years ago. This very website would have been nothing but a vague idea without them. With more than 1.4 million members across 193 countries, you should feel at easy that this is not a place where people want to take your money. It’s honestly the most supportive work environment I have ever come across in my career. If you wish, feel free to check how you can get started for free – or even check out other Recommended Programs (yes, there are more than 1 legit operator out there:)


And of course, if you have any questions or thoughts regarding My Millionaire Website (aka MOBE), or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you


Have a super day!


16 Replies to “My Millionaire Website – Scam Review”

  1. Some of these scams are blatantly obvious others try to cloak their mischievousness . The good thing about the internet, is word spreads quickly. Still there will always be those who come back and try from a different angle.
    Good that you have put this up.

  2. I was lucky not purchasing the MOBE program because I was really close to purchasing it. All the warnings were there like you mentioned and they were enticing with making instant money been the most enticing. After I found out about the investigation on MOBE I was so glad I did not get involved because a lot of people lost their hard earned money.

    A lot of us fall for similar scams because we are looking for quick solutions to make money online. It is unfortunate because what you have just reviewed is a MOBE scam like you said but people would still fall for it.

    1. Hi Jay, thanks so much for sharing your personal experience! I know I was pretty harsh in the review; I do want to make it very clear that I in no way would blame or judge anyone for falling for their marketing efforts! As I’ve been in the industry for a while, I do pick up a scam quite easily, and I find it appalling that people basically want to steal from good people trying to make improve their financial situation. Thanks again for sharing, really appreciate it 🙂


  3. I still can’t believe that MOBE is still willing to go out there and promote their system to other people despite the fact that they have been sued. You would think that they would know better than to play with fire twice.

    Wasn’t there an update that they have been shut down by the FTC? I thought I heard this from another blog. 

    1. Hi Jessie, I know right?! and I thought they were shut down also, but the video is still out there, I watched it again yesterday…. 

      Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment 🙂


  4. Thanks for an informative article on My Millionaire website and listing the pros and cons. This is a clear warning to not enrol with them as it’s clearly something for self-gain and as you’ve said the possible earning potential is very low as to what you have to pay. Also, you can’t really see what they are expecting from you in order to make money. 

  5. Another scam exposed, thank you for this review again. Any steps, pages and promotions connected to MOBE are scams since MOBE is the mother scam. The My Millionaire Website is not to be supported because what it only does to your life is take your money and you will go nowhere.

    Let’s do away with scams and they will perish naturally.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, really appreciate it 🙂 and I think it really tells how important it is to do your research before signing up to any program online.  I remember checking out quite a few programs 5+ years ago, before coming across Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 Ranked. Have never looked back since 🙂


  6. Thank you for the warning. I have never been a fan of MLM, as you are too reliant on your downline. If they do nothing, you make nothing.

    I far prefer the sort of online business where you work for yourself, and you don’t have to rely on others making sales before you can get paid. 

    In my past experience these types of MLM models always fizzle out in the end, and you hardly ever get back your full investment. In the end you always end up losing time which you can never get back and money.

  7. I can’t believe how many scam sites pop up every day. Whenever I see upsell packages, I exit the website as fast as possible. At least some scam sites make an effort to display themselves as somehow legit. My millionaire website does not even offer a program or some training course, nothing. The only reason those sites exist is that people are desperate to make money fast and can’t do their research. And I believe that even the one positive aspect you mentioned (making some money) does not apply since you have spent so much to just get started. Sad, really.

    1. I agree John. As I mentioned, I wasn’t aware that My Millionaire Website was in fact MOBE (who, by the way has changed names multiple times over the years!!). The fact they subjected to a civil lawsuit pretty much says it all…

      Thanks again for your thoughts 🙂


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