The Truth About Running An Online Business

The Truth About Running An Online BusinessIn this article I want to share with you the complete and utter truth of our online business; where we came from and where we are at present. I’ve decided to write this article because at the beginning of our online business journey I had so many questions and I had absolutely no online business experience – this is my truth about running an online business.


We started out by doing the usual searches such as “how to make money online,” “how to start an online business,” even “how to get rich in online business”. As you yourself probably know typing such phrases into a google search engine will bring up a thousand different sites all targeted at selling you the online dream business and of course at a cost. The problems is that although many of these sites may be well worth the investigation most I’d say at least 95% of them give limited to nearly no information and they expect you to start paying to get full access to their sites where usually its just another load of get-rich-quick lies and (pardon the French) bullshit!


Many sites advertise that they have fully formatted systems they have spent years developing which you buy into – you simply switch your computer on and magically start making money hand over fist. Yeah right, if this was true I’d be a millionaire and I assure you I am not. Although I’m not a millionaire, I am however a successful online business owner. I started with no knowledge of online business and now here you are reading one of my articles – the fact that you are reading this article proves that online search engines do value my content. See, I spent 17 years working as a plumber on some of the biggest construction sites in Australia and I was successful in my trade. I did make a great wage with plenty of entitlements and I did provide a very comfortable life for my wife and son. I came to the realization when I turned 33 that I had dedicated my last 17 years to making my boss money. This didn’t sit well with me and I started to feels as though I was wasting my time helping someone else become successful.


This is where our journey started and since then we have never looked back. Now, if your looking to make a bunch of cash fast off what help I can give you then stop reading now because I most definitely can not do this for you (and anyone that says they can are full of it). (oh yeah I dare you to prove me wrong and if you can send me the details – I’ll sign up tomorrow). However, i’m not going to bore you with long winded details on how I make money – instead I will simply link you here to my site. I have tons of great information on getting started with online business; a genuine strategic system that 100% works. The site will give you an inside look at the various ways you will learn to make money online for FREE, without spending any money or make any decisions. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build a solid structured professional business that you can be proud of.
The Truth About Running An Online Business


I want you to see how I made an online business life for myself and my family and that you to can do exactly what I have. It’s taken time for me to build this business but now I realize that its time that is well spent. I decide where my next dollar will be made and I want you to experience that too. I pride myself on being contactable and you can leave any questions or queries you have in the comments box below and I will help you get your journey started..


Have a nice day!


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