The Juice Plus+ Reviews – Is There Money To Be Made?

The Juice Plus+ Reviews

Product name: Juice Plus+


Cost: To join will cost $50 with an additional auto-ship requirement of $70 per month

Overall score: 3/10 (NOT RECOMMENDED!)


There are a good number of online opportunities for anyone looking to make money. However, the number of unscrupulous online business gigs are just as high, if not more, as the reputable ones. This makes it even harder for one to sift through the online world without having been cheated off of their money.

For the purposes of this article, I’ll have a thorough look into Juice Plus+ and their virtual franchise. With all the Juice Plus+ Reviews out there – is this Legit or a Scam?


What is Juice Plus+?

The Juice Plus+ ReviewsThe inception of Juice Plus+ can be traced all the way back 1993. In 1970, a company known as the National Safety Associates (NSA) was founded by Jay Martin. Along the years, Juice Plus+ which is manufactured by the National Alternatives International, become one of the NSA product lines. The insurmountable growth of this nutritional product line earned it the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) title.

Given the fact that there a good number of nutritional supplements infiltrating the market today, Juice Plus+ has set itself apart quite well. By creating unique products, the nutritional supplements provided by Juice Plus+ are designed to replace actual fruits and vegetables.

Their supplements include, but are certainly not limited to soups, blends and shakes that act as meal replacements.


How Does It Work?

Yet, how does one make money with Juice Plus+? As previously mentioned, Juice Plus+ is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. This means, that it offers two particular avenues for others to make money from their products. They include:

  • Earn bonuses from recruiting people
  • Earning a commission by selling their products to others

To join, you have to pay $50 just to sign up and follow up with a $70 of monthly orders. However, they do ensure that you have access to a wide variety of resources to help you get started. From receiving your own custom website to accessing numerous training sessions, Juice Plus+ ensures that you are fully equipped for the job.

It is important to note that your commission solely relies on your rank. There are seven ranks that one needs to navigate through, with the Distributor as the lowest one. The National Marketing Director is the highest rank, and therefore; earns a higher commission and more benefits.

For instance, the Distributor (lowest rank) only earns Retail Sales Profit. The second lowest rank which is the Direct Distributor will have you earning a Retail Sales Profit plus a 6% commission. The National Marketing Director earns a holiday bonus, 22% commission, 20% business monthly bonus and so much more. Anyone confused yet?

Notably, for those wishing to advance on the seven rank compensation plan, recruiting is a must. Recruiting others is what will help you climb the ladder faster, rank higher and earn more.

That said, maybe you’re considering getting into the Juice Plus+ recruiting business. If so, there are a few things you ought to know. Below we take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with Juice Plus+.



Clinical Research For Credibility

The Juice Plus+ ReviewsJuice Plus+ has obviously done their research on how its ingredients can benefit an individual if their website is anything to go by. Moreover, they back up their health benefits claims by stating that their research was conducted by top institutions. This does indeed; increase their level of credibility and reliability.

However, there is a substantial amount of contradicting claims. Certain critics claim that Juice Plus+ has no additional health benefits that match their claims. Others, however; claim otherwise. Notably, the claims made by Juice Plus+ should be taken with a grain of salt.


As previously mentioned, Juice Plus+ was started in 1993 by the National Safety Associates (NSA). Needless to say, they’ve been around for a really long time. If it was an illegal program or company, chances are it would have been sniffed out.



Monthly Subscription

Once you purchase a product, the monthly subscription that comes with it is compulsory. This means that you not only purchase an individual product, but a good number of them to match the subscription.

For instance, some products will require that you pay a certain amount every month to receive the product you just purchased. More specifically, certain products require a four months subscription, while others require more. Hence, you end up paying for the product every month until the subscription runs out.

Hence, Juice Plus+ ends up making more money, and you end up using more money than you had initially planned.

Questionable Marketing Tactics

Juice Plus+ has been found to use questionable marketing tactics to reach others. According to a few ex- members, some of the tactics they were required to use included spamming others on social media.

Lack of Transparency

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are subject to disclose their earning potential. However, the Juice Plus+ Company does not adhere to this particular requirement. Hence, it is hard for anyone to predict their earning potential once an individual joins.

Growth Depends On Recruiting

Remember the ranking system mentioned above? One can only progress through the ranks by recruiting others. In other words, the more people you recruit, the higher your rank. Additionally, the higher your rank, the higher your commission.

Your growth heavily relies on your marketing and negotiating skills. Once you’ve run out of possible prospects, only skills can help you reach a wider audience.

Ability To Work Is Subjective

The claims made by individuals that have used this product are subjective. Some preach on its effectiveness, while others consider it to be a waste of money.  Hence, whether or not their products work remains questionable.


Who Is It For?

This type of business is only suitable for those that are good at recruiting others. Granted on the fact that your progress solely relies on your ability to recruit, it will require a lot of effort and work.



Once an individual signs up, they have wide access to the necessary resources. These resources are beneficial in helping one understand how the system works. Moreover, they are designed to help members get started.

Essentially, they do have a reliable support system. From what I can tell from my research and discussion with members and ex-members alike, the Support has been a strong point.

The Juice Plus+ Reviews


Summary on Juice Plus+

This type of business is highly restrictive and requires high amounts of investment. Hence, the chances of making a loss are even higher. I would definitely not recommend it unless you are really good at recruiting.

However, is it legit? Yes, Juice Plus+ is legit and is not a scam.


A Better Way To Make Money Online

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Juice Plus+, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you


Have a super day!


10 Replies to “The Juice Plus+ Reviews – Is There Money To Be Made?”

  1. Hello Karina, thanks for this very honest and thorough review of The Juice plus+. One thing I do not like about MLM businesses, and how you have clearly stated above is the fact that it requires people with recruiting skills. I would say this is rather a questioning task because it would mean one will have to recruit without having to explain the importance of the products itself. And again, as you have stated above, MLM requires a lot of work 

  2. HI, Karina…

    When I saw the title of your review, I have to say I immediately wanted to read more. Juice Plus was a program I had heard about but knew nothing regarding whether or not it was yet another waste of my time. So many of the offers of making money online always have negative reviews from users or users.

    I do like opportunities that make sense. There are many that I promote even to others. But whenever I see MLM automatically my curiosity factor goes way down. I was involved in one and quickly saw that the main benefactor were the owners and the top level members.

    It seems this is yet another case. Although the product may be good, often it is overpriced and the main focus of such companies is recruiting more affiliates and having them buy the mandatory minimal purchases to remain eligible for the commissions.  

    A normal business would charge regular prices, use normal distribution channels, and focus on the product versus selling the MLM program. These are all shady in my mind and the business model is not sustainable over time. Only those at the very top win.

    The poor people who come in late end up with a closet full of overpriced product that they cannot sell, and likely will lose all of their investment. For some people, $70 is a lot of money. Better to invest in the truly sustainable business as described in your last part of the review.

    It is a shame that such businesses continue to operate online and offline and take people’s money. These days more people are internet savvy however and they will check for reviews, as I did. Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking this company up. It is definitely not for me. 

  3. I have never heard of Juice Plus before reading your article.

    I agree with you that the company probably meets legal requirements to have survived from 1993 until today, so that fact almost certainly means the company and it’s services are legitimate.

    I am always open to looking at opportunities, but this is one company that I will not be joining, based on your review.

    I certainly do not like monthly retainers which create the company millions of dollars in return for products would be similar to other products on the market.

    The MLM industry has a bad rap, but I do believe it is worthy of this bad rap.

    There are many legitimate companies with excellent marketing tactics, however most companies promote the dream rather than the product.

    Companies that promote the Ferrari, The big house and the lifestyle to tempt people need to do so because they have a weak product.

    If the product was so amazing and unique they would not need to do so.

    So I have mainly stayed away from most MLM companies.

    I would rather build my own company.

    Thank you for your review of this one.

    It is good that you share your findings with others.


  4. Dear Karina,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and in-depth review.

    Its great to hear their products are good and as you mentioned my only concern is the auto-shipment in which we need to purchase it every month. In some cases the products which we bought might come for another few weeks but still we need to purchase the product or any other product every month in order to maintain our level or subscription. Its like without the need I need to purchase the product which I don’t like.

    I personally love to read reviews before purchasing any product because genuine and unbiased reviews save us time, trouble, effort and money. Thanks again for the helpful review. 

    Much Success!


  5. Well one huge plus is I am on a healthy all the way all day kick in 2019 so initially that is why this article about Juice plus caught my eye. Now that I know that I can make money too sounds even better. It sounds like the pyramid type marketing which I get can be a struggle because the money you make is based how many people you can recruit. Still I love the opportunity.

    How has the Juice plus been treating you so far?

    1. Hi Kira, 

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. I did a lot of research on Juice Plus+, however, I am not an active member as it’s not a program I recommend. Head on over to my Recommended Products for some better ones 🙂


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