Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

Is Tube Crusher A Scam? Product name: Tube Crusher


Cost: $37 with an additional cost for upsells

Overall Score: 2/10


What is Tube Crusher?

Is Tube Crusher a Scam? Can you really make up to $3,000 today if you sign up?? This is my honest review. Tube Crusher is a ClickBank website that was only founded and launched in the month of July 2018. The owner of this program goes by the name Ciaran, who is supposedly a YouTube Star. The real identity of the owner or spokesman of this platform, however; is not revealed.

The platform promises to offer expertise on how to become an expert YouTube blogger. Supposedly, from the expertise and information offered, you should be able to make $2,000 per day. According to their claims, you should start earning a good amount of money overnight.

This is their sales video; another “you can get rich without lifting a single finger” sales message. oh stop it please!

How Does It Work?

To get started, all you need to do is sign up to their program and pay a fee of $37.

Of course, the information offered seems to be in the form of videos and e-books. Yet, the information they offer can easily be found online from other sources at little to no cost at all. Moreover, some of the videos they use have been found to belong to other people. A big NoNo. So, is this program legit or a scam?

First things first, let us start with the disadvantages and advantages to expect if you choose to invest in Tube Crusher.



  • Anyone can join

Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

  • This is another “I can make you rich in a day”-type hyper-sells. (It’s never a reality!)
  • It costs $37 to join the program – There are so many better FREE programs out there!
  • The upsells are frustrating
  • The testimonials have been found to be fake
  • They do not use their own videos
  • The site offers information that can easily be found online for free
  • The owner does not reveal his/her identity
  • After signing up, you are susceptible to receiving emails that link back to other unscrupulous sites


 Who Is It For?

This product is suitable for those that are want to grow their YouTube following and willing to throw away their money in the hope that they will make some of it. I don’t think you’d ever see a return on that investment unfortunately. From what I’ve discussed in this review, it’s mostly built up on lies and a ‘pretty shop front’, and you can get better services and information elsewhere.


The program does not provide a support system for those who choose to join or purchase their products. Personally, I would never hand over my money to any “educational” program that doesn’t offer any support. Also, please note that ther website url has recently changed, so it’s almost like they are on the run from something or someone – be aware.


To get started, you have to pay $37. That is not it though, as they often bombard their members with upsells that offer faster ways to make money. If you fall for their upsells, you might end up paying more than just $37.


I would stay far away from this mob. The information used, be it videos or PDFs, do not belong to them.

Additionally, the information offered is very basic and is definitely not worth $37. Notably, if you are not satisfied with their services, you cannot get your money back.

I would classify Tube Crushers as a SCAM. I would not recommend it to anyone looking to grow or make some money from their YouTube Channel. There are other safer and more legitimate ways to do this.

An Actual Avenue To Make Money Online

If I’ve kept your attention to the end of this review, then I feel like it’s my obligation to tell you about my #1 recommendation; a better way to make money online, and the place where I’ve learnt everything I know about affiliate marketing and monitizing a website. This very website is 100% a result of my efforts learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

The affiliate program they offer is world leading, with more than 1.4 million members to date. It’s completely FREE to join, as any legit affiliate marketing program should be – feel free to read my in-debt review here (I wrote it more than 5 years ago when I first started out, but I will stand by it today as I did back then). I am not one to push a sale down anyone’s throat, so all I ask is that you do some reseach before deciding on a program online that will give you the tools and training to be successful online. Feel free to have a quick read of how I got started too.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Tube Crushers, or Wealthy Affiliate, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I’ll most certainly get back to you

Have a super day!


8 Replies to “Is Tube Crusher A Scam?”

  1. Based on the enticing video provided what they seem to be selling at Tube Crusher is a Tool. They say that all you  need  is a smart phone and an internet connection. It really did seem interesting until you explained in your expose’ that it is just another system of “classes” and other people’s videos.  It is comforting to have you reassure people that the information needed is available elsewhere for free.  $37 is a hefty price for nothing ! Even if the 60 day money back guarantee is legitimate. Also –  it seems to be buried in the weeds that this program is targeted at Vloggers – rather than the general population looking for ways to generate an online income. Kudos to you for calling out this scam! 

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Casey. Really appreciate it. I read another review of Tube Crusher, where they actually demonstrated that the ‘successful people’ in the video are actually actors.

      have a super day!


  2. Hello Karina,First I want to thank you for the review you make about a company that would not be serious that tries to make money by telling lies.

    Many people reading your article will be more alert and thus avoid having a bad experience. 

    I find the company that you are promoting very attractive, specialized in affiliate marketing. 

    I will read more your articles and I would like to register for free, at first. 

    We are now in contact. 

    Thank you! Claudio

  3. More often than not that’s the main problem with these YouTube-based training videos – the information is already out there, and it’s also probably more up to date information! 

    Whoever is selling this is rehashing tips and then slamming a $37 price mark on it, sad really. Did you manage to get a refund for it once you had tested it?

    1. Hi Chris, 

      Thanks for your thoughts, really appreciate it 🙂 I haven’t gotten a refund yet, but I signed up via ClickBank and so I’m expecting it to sort out soon. I’ll let you know otherwise for sure!

      Have a super day!


  4. As good as that sounds, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay 37$ to someone for information I could get for free on Google. No wonder why most people get hooked up in these get rich quick scams. People really meed to be more aware of what they are going into before they go into it. 

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