How To Write And Earn Money Online ​

We’ve all heard of individuals that worked a nine to five but now proclaim to be successful freelance writers. The personal and financial freedom that comes with it is enticing and most probably addictive. Yet, the uncertainty of becoming a successful writer can stop you in your tracks.

A lot of people with a passion for writing have given freelance writing a chance, but have failed considerably. Recent research confirms this sobering statement, as numerous bloggers and online writers give up halfway. Continue reading “How To Write And Earn Money Online ​”

This is Why Affiliate Marketing is Best

Over the years, affiliate marketing has grown tremendously, and rightly so. Also known as performance marketing, affiliate marketing fully depends on performance. In other words, how much you earn depends on the number of visitors that click your affiliate link and follow the actions required for you to earn the credit/money. I’ll tell you a few reasons here why affiliate marketing is best.  Continue reading “This is Why Affiliate Marketing is Best”