How To Find Keywords For Your Website – 3 Simple & Effective Steps

keywordHow to find keywords for your website, and how to research keywords, are important aspects to take into account when writing your blog posts. The keywords you use will play a major part in your search engine success – meaning your ranking. As we all know, it’s a big difference between ranking on the first search page in Google (yey!) and on page 30+. I’ll show you a couple of FREE keyword tools, but first I’ll demonstrate 3 simple things to look for when finding your keywords.


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Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Father & SonSeeing my wife has written all the content on our website so far, I figured it was time I officially introduced myself too. After all, we are in this business together. So I ask again – Are you ready to be your own boss? Did you leave school to get a job, like me, and got stuck in a rut? Do you go to work everyday wishing you had paid more attention at school? Wish you had a career you enjoyed instead of a job that just pays the bills?

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How To Make Money During The Holidays – Happy Travels!

family holidayFor the first time in our lives, we were actually making money during the holiday. The hard work that we have put in on our website and our affiliate marketing project, is finally starting to pay off. Sure, we worked for a few hours every day during the holidays, but at least we went.

Having recently returned to Australia from 3 weeks in Norway to visit my family and friends, the biggest challenge this week has been battling jet lag. Flying across the world with a 2 year old is certainly not the most relaxing adventure either, but nothing beats a long big loving hug from my mum which I hadn’t seen in more than a year! In brief, we got to spend 2 weeks with my closest family, and a week with the best of friends.

I wanted to mention a few options out there for making money while travelling. Personally, we got there through our involvement with Wealthy Affiliate; however, there are other ways too.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 Ranked

Wealthy Affiliate Review #1 RankedProduct name: Wealthy Affiliate


Cost: $0 starter membership

Owner: Kyle and Carson

Overall score: 9.5 / 10



This is my honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the largest and most trusted Internet marketing and learning programs available online.

OK, full disclosure: I am a WA member. A Premium member, in fact.

Naturally, I truly believe in the ‘product’ and the education they provide, however, I’d like to keep my review straight to the point and promise I won’t glorify it.

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