The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – My Humble Opinion

The Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewProduct name: The Coffee Shop Millionaire


Cost: $37 per months initially…then there’s the upsells…

Owner: Anthony Trister

Overall score: 5 / 10



Maybe it’s just me being cynical – but calling your program ‘the coffee shop MILLIONAIRE’ is a turn-off right there…I know a lot of people still dream and hope that there is such a thing as a quick money-fix and that simply by finding the goldmine program they can become millionaires…and I hate to break the news, but in reality there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears to become a millionaire – even online. Ok, so I got a bit sidetracked here…don’t let my dislike for the program name deter you from reading my review.

The founder of the Coffee Shop Millionaire, Mr Anthony Trister, is aiming to teach you the basics of internet marketing by offering modules of training. His intro video is a bit too sales-pitchy for my liking, but to his credit – he does mentioned that he cannot promise you will become a millionaire.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Pros and Cons


  • Training modules are provided
  • I like the Earnings Disclaimer – where Mr Trister admits that he has no way of knowing how much money you can or will make


  • Annoying upsells. The introduction video claims to show you how to make money for free, which is a lie, the monthly fee is $37 per month (before any upsells)
  • Misleading program name
  • Users don’t seem to be happy (google “Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints”)
  • Insufficient support
  • The site has a LOW TRUST RATING with

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review


The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Who is it for?

They claim that the program is for anyone – no need for marketing background or internet business experience. Whilst I don’t argue with this, I feel that there are better options available for anyone – and especially newbies. The reason I don’t think it’s suitable for people without experience, is due to the limited support and lack of substantial training.



You can seek support via phone and email – no online chat functionality or interactive support site. Mediocre support at best if you ask me. And if you are new to affiliate marketing, superior support is absolutely crucial.



Membership is $37 per month. Not a scary amount – I just don’t believe it’s worth it. The pity is that you won’t get everything needed to learn the tricks by only having the initial membership.

Upsells include:

  • $297 Six-Figure Success Club
  • Cost for domain name
  • Cost for hosting (you can get free hosting in more reliable programs)
  • Hidden fees



This will come as no surprise to you – I do not recommend this program. It’s not that the training you do get is faulty; but in my opinion it is insufficient for learning online business and not worth paying any amount of monthly fee.


If you are serious about building an online business and learning all the steps with unbeatable support – please check out my #1 recommended program!

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2 Replies to “The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – My Humble Opinion”

  1. Sounds like one to stay away from to me!

    Anything with these constant up sells are a red flag to me and something to be avoided!

    Great review!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment John – I really appreciate it.
      Yeah this one is one of the bad ones…

      Have a great day!


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