Wix Website Builder Review – Is it worth the hype?

Wix Website Builder Review Product name: Wix Website Builder

Website: www.wix.com

Cost: FREE version available. Upgraded versions available from $10.95 per month

Overall score: 8 / 10



Wix is a very popular website builder these day, and with good reasons. You have a wide range of templates to choose from and it seems easy enough to get started. The website builder has some great features to build a functional website; Drag and drop editor; ability to add video and images; shopping carts and payment features; built in website analytics; and Apps. There are some limitations to Wix compared to the likes of WordPress, and I’ll run you through the pros and cons as perceived by myself.

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The Best Free Keyword Finder – Reliable Options

The Best Free Keyword FinderTo have a successful website, you need to generate consistent traffic to your site. And whilst there are many ways to generate traffic, one simple yet crucial strategy to increase your hits is by the use of low hanging fruit keywords. Again, there are a great selection of keyword tools available in the marketplace, and I want to demonstrate to you 2 of the best free keyword finders.

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The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – My Humble Opinion

The Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewProduct name: The Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: www.thecoffeeshopmillionaire.com

Cost: $37 per months initially…then there’s the upsells…

Owner: Anthony Trister

Overall score: 5 / 10



Maybe it’s just me being cynical – but calling your program ‘the coffee shop MILLIONAIRE’ is a turn-off right there…I know a lot of people still dream and hope that there is such a thing as a quick money-fix and that simply by finding the goldmine program they can become millionaires…and I hate to break the news, but in reality there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears to become a millionaire – even online. Ok, so I got a bit sidetracked here…don’t let my dislike for the program name deter you from reading my review.

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The Truth About Running An Online Business

The Truth About Running An Online BusinessIn this article I want to share with you the complete and utter truth of our online business; where we came from and where we are at present. I’ve decided to write this article because at the beginning of our online business journey I had so many questions and I had absolutely no online business experience – this is my truth about running an online business.


We started out by doing the usual searches such as “how to make money online,” “how to start an online business,” even “how to get rich in online business”. As you yourself probably know typing such phrases into a google search engine will bring up a thousand different sites all targeted at selling you the online dream business and of course at a cost. The problems is that although many of these sites may be well worth the investigation most I’d say at least 95% of them give limited to nearly no information and they expect you to start paying to get full access to their sites where usually its just another load of get-rich-quick lies and (pardon the French) bullshit!

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