Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

Is Tube Crusher A Scam? Product name: Tube Crusher


Cost: $37 with an additional cost for upsells

Overall Score: 2/10


What is Tube Crusher?

Is Tube Crusher a Scam? Can you really make up to $3,000 today if you sign up?? This is my honest review. Tube Crusher is a ClickBank website that was only founded and launched in the month of July 2018. The owner of this program goes by the name Ciaran, who is supposedly a YouTube Star. The real identity of the owner or spokesman of this platform, however; is not revealed. Continue reading “Is Tube Crusher A Scam?”

An Inbox Dollars Review – Scam or Legit?

An Inbox Dollars ReviewProduct name: Inbox Dollars


Cost: Free

Overall Score: 5/10


This is an Inbox Dollars Review. Inbox Dollars was founded in the year 2000 by Daren Cotter and has grown at an insurmountable rate ever since. However, a critical question looms over it: is it legit or it is a scam? If it is, in fact, legitimate, is it really worth your time? Continue reading “An Inbox Dollars Review – Scam or Legit?”

Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?

Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?

Ever thought of turning your love and passion for Pinterest into an income generating activity? Well, it is possible to make money from Pinterest and have fun while you are at it.

According to, Pinterest has at least 250 million monthly active users. They continue to state that there are over 70 million ideas and 175 billion pins on Pinterest. Notably, the female population makes up the highest number of users, which is 81%.  Continue reading “Can You Make Money on PINTEREST?”