Is Empower Network A Scam Or Fraud?

Product name: Empower Networkempower-network


Cost: $25 per month for BASIC, $100 per month for Inner Circle, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $19.99 per month for e-wallet

Owner: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall score: 0.5 / 10


This is my honest Empower Network review – is Empower Network a scam or fraud?Have you ever watched an Empower Network promo video? If you are anything like me, then that itself would put you off. Having worked in traditional sales roles throughout my career, there is nothing that makes me cringe more than people that are trying to oversell you something that is sooo amaaaazing and you can see in their eyes that it’s just a spiel; nothing real. That’s how I felt when I watched the first EN video – I cringed, wanted it to stop.

But by all means, the ‘sell-sell-sell’ type of sales people can always find their buyers if they try hard enough. If you are on the verge of signing up with Empower Network, or has been enticed by the videos or emails, please read my review before you hand over your credit card details.

Pros and Cons


  • Get your own blog


  • It is very unclear what you are selling, there is no real product
  • Think Pyramid Scheme, think Empower Network
  • Do a Google search, and you’re likely to find hundreds of Complaints about them
  • There is always another upsell, another ‘feature’ you ‘need’ – and will have to pay for
  • They charge you to get paid! It’s true, you have to pay $19.99 each month in order to get paid.
  • No free trial – nothing is free
  • Very little support

Empower Network Product Overview

There is no real product and definitely no real opportunity. You are buying the idea of this system where the more people you can convince to do the same; the more money you make. And the more money the people above you make. Classic pyramid scheme.

Who is it for?

I guess Empower Network is available to anyone who has the money to spend. You must be willing to work very hard to sell the idea, in what I can only describe as an unethical and ‘scammy’ sell. The people at the top (the owners) cash in on everyone you get in your down line.

Empower Network training and tools

There is a level of training available, provided that you buy in to the different level packages. A point to make though, is that the training is all about learning how to promote Empower Network to other people and nothing else. If you wanted to learn about, say, how to increase traffic to your site, you have to look elsewhere (or here)


No. Bullies are not the greatest at support. There. I said it. I find these people to be bullies. You get no personal support by being on the basic package that already costs you $25 per month, and the people above you in the scheme will literally pressure you and name call you in an attempt to upsell to the next level. If you pay $100 per month you do get a little support in terms of audios and videos, however, there is still no personal support. No chat rooms where you can ask for help.

And frankly, why would you want help from someone who calls you a ‘wussy’?


At my previous product review, on Wealthy Affiliate, this section was easy to write as you can sign up for free…

With Empower Network pricing, I’m not quite sure how to explain as it’s quite complex.

To get the blog you start at $25 per month. This blog is tied to the domain, and may often appear as SPAM. This is simply not good value. And as you basically get no support on this ‘package’, you are asked to join the Inner Circle, which is $100 per month. On this level you are then asked for even further upgrade; to get the Costa Rica Intensive at $500 and The $15K Formula at $1,000. You get the picture…

And to top it off, you HAVE to get the e-wallet at $19.99 per month in order to get paid.


Please take my advice, and stay far far away from Empower Network. There is no real product or service, and is simply nothing but another scam.

If you are serious about starting your online business, then I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

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2 Replies to “Is Empower Network A Scam Or Fraud?”

  1. Great review thanks for the insight into EN I’ve heard a lot of bad comments on them but you karina have explained it perfectly such as shame so many people are scammers on the net! I’ll definately give WA a try sounds like something that would I would really enjoy.. Thanks again will be back to check your site out regularly so much good info 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment Robert, much appreciated 🙂 and yes, please check out Wealthy Affiliate, I have found them to be great. You can find more information on my ‘Getting Started’ page. Thanks again! Cheers, Karina

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