Improving Your Self-Motivation, Check out these great Strategies!

Self-MotivationHaving your own online business requires a great amount of self-discipline…or let me rephrase that – it requires a great amount of Self MOTIVATION. In any job really, you will at some point need to dig out that self-motivation in order to get to your goal. Personally, I’ve found the below strategies very effective when it comes to improving self-motivation.

Have Fun!

Well, this may seem a bit cheesy and ‘too easy’, but it’s no secret that it’s easier to get things done when you enjoy what you are doing. In online business in particular, you have the choice to write about something you’re passionate about, which is a fantastic starting point. By having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously, not only will you find yourself being more self-motivated, you will also keep stress levels at bay.

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Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Father & SonSeeing my wife has written all the content on our website so far, I figured it was time I officially introduced myself too. After all, we are in this business together. So I ask again – Are you ready to be your own boss? Did you leave school to get a job, like me, and got stuck in a rut? Do you go to work everyday wishing you had paid more attention at school? Wish you had a career you enjoyed instead of a job that just pays the bills?

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Is Empower Network A Scam Or Fraud?

Product name: Empower Networkempower-network


Cost: $25 per month for BASIC, $100 per month for Inner Circle, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $19.99 per month for e-wallet

Owner: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall score: 0.5 / 10


This is my honest Empower Network review – is Empower Network a scam or fraud?Have you ever watched an Empower Network promo video? If you are anything like me, then that itself would put you off. Having worked in traditional sales roles throughout my career, there is nothing that makes me cringe more than people that are trying to oversell you something that is sooo amaaaazing and you can see in their eyes that it’s just a spiel; nothing real. That’s how I felt when I watched the first EN video – I cringed, wanted it to stop.

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