Neucopia SCAM Review – Stay Clear of this One!

NeucopiaProduct name: Neucopia


Cost: $49.95 per month for Basic / $169.95 per month for Premium

Owner: Rich Cook

Overall score: 1.5 / 10


Neucopia hit the market last year, and is an MLM program (Multi Level Marketing) in true pyramid scheme style. Basically you get paid for recruiting the next person – and the higher up the chain you are, the more money you may make.

Pros and Cons


  • I’m finding it hard to see any Pros of this program. There are a few helpful videos within the Premium membership, but that’s about it.


  • Borderline illegal pyramid.
  • They are lying; saying that commissions are 100%, but they really are not. How are you meant to get 100% commissions for something that the person above you is also meant to earn money off?
  • Next to no support
  • Expensive
  • You have to pay extra for training.

Neucopia Product Overview

Neucopia is not really a product, as all you are buying into is the idea of selling Neucopia to others to make money. The only products involved are books and videos not owned by Neucopia, but ones you would need to buy in order to get any training what so ever.

Who is it for?

You need money. And be willing not to see any value of the money you spend. I kind of feel bad for having such an attitude about it, but I truly can’t see why anyone would want to go near this scam.

Neucopia training and tools

There are a range of products available, however, these are not owned by Neucopia and in fact can be bought elsewhere too. The problem is that these books are the only form of training you can get, and of course you have to PAY for them. So really – just stay away


If you are on a Premium Level Membership, you have access to some videos made by the owner Rich Cook. He does not seem to be available for direct support. I have tried asking questions through the contact details on the website and also on the Facebook group, but never had a single response.

If you are looking for real support when starting your online business, I recommend you read my #1 ranked product.


Neucopia has 2 types of memberships, none of which are free.

The Basic Level Membership is $49.95 per month, and gives you access to a few outdated products that you can actually find other places online by doing a simple Google search.

The Premier Level Membership is a whopping $169.96 per month, however, will allow you the make a larger % commission of the members you recruit. (But not 100% commission like they say, that is a LIE)


Don’t do it to yourself. It is nothing but wasted money, and you will find it being a very unethical way of luring other people to join. It’s a total scam! If you are serious about online marketing and earning a living online, look no further:

Wealthy Affiliate

I welcome your feedback and questions, so please feel free to comment. I would love to hear your experiences too.



4 Replies to “Neucopia SCAM Review – Stay Clear of this One!”

  1. Neucopia is one of the most disingenuous products I have ever seen. Not only are all their guides in the basic membership available for free on the internet (do the search and you’ll see!), but there entire business model is just another pyramid scheme. Highly advise staying away from it.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I didn’t even know you could get the guides for free, thought you could find them at the same prize (one off price, not monthly)…wow, that really says how bad it is. Thanks for the update, really appreciate it.


  2. I’ve never heard of Neucopia until now, so thanks for letting me know to watch out for it! I’m so glad I am at Wealthy Affiliate and didn’t get sucked into one of these scams!

    1. Thanks for the comment Christina 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Neucopia until recently either. I had someone approach me to look into it as they had heard the program was illegal(!). Not my job to determine legalities, of course, but I would stay far away from it.

      Have a brilliant day!


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