ClixSense Research Review: Is It Legit?

www clixsense com scam

Product name: ClixSense


Cost: Free

Overall score: 7/10


This is my honest ClixSense research review. Since its inception in 2007, this Get Paid To (GPT) website has grown at an insurmountable rate. Shifting from a Pay to Click (PTC) industry to a GPT, ClixSense has managed to garner over 6 million members globally. A Get Paid To industry is one that pays people for fulfilling specific tasks.

Through partnering with numerous market research providers, they are able to provide a host of money-making opportunities for others. From simply watching videos and downloading apps to completing an online survey, there are numerous tasks to choose from. Members are often rewarded with anything from $0.10 to over $1.

The only time you can check out your money is if you’ve been rewarded a total of $10. ClixSense pays their members through various platforms. Non-US based members are provided with other platforms that will work for them.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to using ClixSense. Below, we take a comprehensive look at some of them.


www clixsense com scam

  • Anyone Can Join: There are really no qualifications that you have to meet to join. Backed by your computer and internet connection, you can start earning some extra money on the side
  • Global access: Some companies that are similar to ClixSense have very limited access. In other words, only those from certain countries or country can join and access it. With ClixSense, anyone regardless of where they are global can access and join it.
  • It’s Free: Most platforms often require people to cash in a certain amount of money. This increases the risk of losing your money. However, ClixSense is absolutely free for anyone who is willing to join.
  • High availability of opportunities: This platform offers different tasks that one can perform to earn some money. This way, members can choose the tasks they are comfortable with.



  • Low earnings
  • Certain tasks such as surveys can be hard and annoying
  • Every country has a different commission rate. Hence, other countries earn higher commissions than others.
  • Can’t pay through PayPal
  • Only one account per household is allowed

Who Is It For?

If you are looking for a quick rich scheme, look for something else. From what we’ve established above, a member is only rewarded pennies for each task he or she accomplishes. Moreover, it takes time to even make a decent amount of money.

Essentially, it is not a platform that can help you earn consistent income passively. Hence, it is not the route to take if you’re trying to support a family. If you are looking for the best platform to earn passive income, I recommend you check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are a stay at home mum looking for a way to earn a little cash, this would work. Also, ClixSense is great for students that are looking for some pocket money.



ClixSense is a really simplified platform that ensures no one gets stuck. The instructions are always clear and step by step making it easy to join and work. Moreover, they provide an opportunity for those that wish to voice their opinions and grievances. Needless to say, grievances and questions are promptly answered by the support team.

The only thing I’d criticize is it that you have to take a screenshot of your issue to raise a support ticket.  Uploading that screenshot, however, will ensure more accurate support and prompt payment if the question is in regards to unpaid commission.



As previously mentioned, joining this platform is absolutely free. You do not need to worry about losing the money or risking an investment. All you have to do is create an account, join and start working on simple tasks.


Summary – Is ClixSense legit?

There are questions making rounds on whether ClixSense is legit. There shouldn’t be doubt it is legit, considering the number of global members that it supports. Additionally, the fact that you do not have to pay any money to join increases its credibility.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some pocket money, why not join? Remember, to make enough money you have to invest some time and be active. If you have time to stay put on my website, feel free to browse reviews on other legit (and scam) programs.


I’d love to hear from someone with first hand experience of ClixSense. What is your recommendation? Also, feel free to share your experience of other affiliate programs, or hit me up with some questions

Have a super day!


17 Replies to “ClixSense Research Review: Is It Legit?”

  1. I have been with ClixSense before, and I did everything they threw my way.  I never every made so much as pocket change.  And what was frustrating was I ended up disqualified from a lot of things once I started to do the “job”.  So you spend time and then find out that you don’t qualify.  I found this to be way too much time and I never made anything.

  2. Hello Karina,

    Thank you for the amazing review of ClixSense! I honestly had never heard of this site until now. I went through a phase a while back where I signed up for a ton of survey sites trying to make extra money. The problem with those sites was that I didn’t qualify for a whole lot of them or I needed to sign up to a few different offers to get paid.

    Luckily, this site is not exactly like that. I appreciate you taking the time to walk us through the pros of the site. It looks like it is legitimate and some money can be made through the platform. It looks like the cons are similar to alot of survey sites in that you have to do a ton of work to make even a decent profit. And you are correct about the payment threshold needing to be met. Just another hurdle that you have to jump through. 

    It eventually gets tiring and not worth too much of your time. There are other platforms that allow you to earn more for the same amount of effort. I appreciate you informing us on the platform and what it is all about. I’ll take it into consideration. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Karina,

    I was trying to perform some task within the platform that you mention and due to previous experiences that I have had with similar companies I have decided not to work more with this type of companies.

    Maybe the company you mention is not a scam, but for me it is not reliable since it does not work with Paypal. 

    Other payment processors may disappear at any time.

    Thank you very much and greetings! 


    1. Hi Claudio, 

      Thanks for much for reading and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. And thanks for sharing your personal experience. I tend to agree with you; I haven’t signed up either as I prefer the way Wealthy Affiliate educated me to earn money online

      thanks again

  4. I have never heard of ClixSense.  I had to check and see, from my bookmarks, that it wasn’t a platform I had personally tried myself.  It is not.  Thank you for providing this information, you’ve definitely peaked my interest and as soon as I submit this comment, I’m going to go check it out.

    Most similar sites, that I have tried before, well keyword is tried, never really worked out for me.  It was often difficult to ‘qualify’ for, let’s say, taking a certain survey.  I often wondered if that was due to my age (57), or not.  Needless to say, I no longer even bother with those sites anymore.  

    Thank you for your detailed review, I enjoyed reading it.Laura

  5. That’s the first time i heard the GPT used. A change in marketing strategy.  It sure would be interesting to hear from someone who has tried it. It’s Free HUH maybe I’ll try it. In the past I did ppc when mindless clicking was therapy lol. 

    What kind of surveys and things do they generally have?

    Do they have an affiliate program?? I know it’s free to join but maybe incentives if your downline earns?

    1. Hi Dennis, 

      Thanks for the comments. They have a whole range of surveys and tasks you can do, across multiple genres. and yes they have an affiliate program also. I don’t know the info in detail, I’d suggest you go to their affiliate section on the website. 

      Have a super day!


  6. Hi Karina, thank you for a nice simple, concise overview of ClixSense. I was looking at a few simple options for my sister who is at home on maternity leave and looking to earn an extra few pennies. As you say that is the only drawback that the payments are low and some of the tasks can be boring or tedious. However at least its free to join so she has nothing to lose by at least giving it a go. Thanks for confirming what I thought about Clixsense, she just wanted reassurance that its not a scam so at least she will comfortable giving it a try.

  7. Thanks for your post on ClixSense, your explanation of Pros and Cons is a quick summary of what one can expect.  I’m sure that for many, having this knowledge ahead of time, it’ll be easier to make a decision as to whether they want to invest time and effort with the site.  For me, I’m not sure that I’d be willing to settle for pocket change (not enough to pay the bills with!).  All in all, your article makes perfect sense without hyping up the improbable, or demonizing the less than perfect.

    Thanks again.

  8. I have done something similar to ClixSense, but it was with a different company. It was nice to know that I was actually earning something. But the pay was so little for all the time I put into it. It just wasn’t worth it. I am a stay-at-home mom, but that still didn’t make it worth it. My kids deserve more of my attention whenever possible. So my preference is something that I know I can build. That is, a business which, although it may take a lot of work, has the capability of growing and bringing in greater income in the future.

    1. Hi Danette, 

      Thanks for your feedback and insights. I also think there are better ways to make money online – with an affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate you can reap the rewards of the work you do now in years to come – much more to my liking 😉

      thanks again

  9. Nicely put together article! While you’ve shown that ClixSense brings generally low earnings, I think I agree that it’s a great little way to earn some extra cash. Especially for students or stay at home moms diving into online business for the first time, I think this serves its purpose of getting people to put their foot in the door with online business and potentially grow from there. Great post!

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