What is Wealthy Affiliate Support about?

Hi there! i know I keep blabbing on about how great the support is on Wealthy Affiliate (where I have been a premium member for more than 5 years and where I’ve learnt everthing I know about online business and making money online). So I thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate one of many many times where the support has been right there for me. What is Wealthy Affiliate Support about?

The Scenario

This happened only a week or so ago. I went on to Google Search Console and found (to my frustration) that the MAJORITY of my blog posts were no longer indexed! I mean, EEEK!! I have been receiving a recurring revenue from this website for a few years now, yet I am by far a technical expert on wordpress, SEO and ranking…I learn new things every day, but I wouldn’t ever call me an expert….expertise is where I turn to Wealthy Affiliate for 😉

So what did I do next?

I asked the other members for help. You see, at Wealthy Affiliate there are a number of avenues to take in terms of getting help. The below screenshot is a quick overview; you can go directly to Support, Ask a Questions within the community, Live Chat, or even Private Message ANY (I mean, even the owners) member for help.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Support about?

I put out a “cry for help” on one of the class rooms to start with. Within a few minutes, I had help from 4 members; giving suggestions on what to check within my WordPress site, things to keep in mind etc. I went through their process of elimination, yet hadn’t quite gotten to the solution.

I also reached out to one of the Top Helpers, EddySalomon, who also responded so quickly I am starting to wonder if he has some kind of superpowers 🙂 Eddy accurately pinpointed the issue, and suggested I reach out to TechSupport for further investigation. On his own initiative, he even drafted straight up what I should ask Support (I mean, what more could you even ask for?:)

So off to Support I went:

SiteSupport Response

I had a response within minutes. Minutes guys. Here it is:

What is Wealthy Affiliate Support about?

My Actions

So of course I took their advice, and re-submitted my site to Google Webmaster tools. Turns out the glitch or whatever occured when I changed my website Theme that week. I re-submitted my site in Google Webmaster tools in the late evening, and called it a night. When I check the very next morning, it was all fixed. Yes!!

What is Wealthy Affiliate Support about?


You may wonder why I didn’t just go to SiteSupport straight up? Well, in my experience there are always other members who’s had the same problems that can give quick and easy recommendations. And the recommendations are for all other members to see too, so everyone benefits. I know I sound a bit ‘hallelujah’ here (and I’m not even religious the slightest bit!), but I really can’t put a price tag on the value I get from the memberbase and the education space at Wealthy Affiliate. So I always prefer reaching out to others before going to Support (which will 100% always assist).

I recently published this video on YouTube that demonstrates the different levels of support:

I would love to hear from others on how they experience the level of support from another affiliate program (and of course I won’t turn down stories from the WA members either). Has anyone ever had a negative experience? I’d love to hear that too..

Have a super day!


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  1. Fantastic story, although as a member of WA myself I am not surprised that you got such a quick response. They are really good and of course it is in their best interest to be helpful to their community. Best of luck in the future.

  2. Hi Karina,

    I agree 100% Wealthy Affiliate support is just the best by a country mile! I live in Coolangatta in Queensland and I can ask these guys a question at anytime of the day or night and within minutes I have a reply. Truly the best support on the Internet in my opinion.

    Then of course the community support is also brilliant. Everyone so willing to help out. I love the place and it has helped me no end with my websites and everything else. love your post and your site.



  3. Wealthy Affiliate sounds so supportive! What a great community you guys must have, it is the worst when you are stuck for answers and don’t know who to turn to. It is great WA has so many ways to help each other out!

  4. What a great experience you had with Wealthy Affiliate Site Support. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too, and I recently had an issue that they were able to resolve really quickly for me. Whoever’s behind the support team is awesome! 

    And being able to ask thousands of members a question is one of the biggest reasons why I LOVE being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure there are plenty of great courses out there where you can learn how to build a website, but being able to ask questions and get help any time of say or night is PRICELESS. 

  5. Wow Karina, that is some great story!  Instead of racking your brain and trying to figure out what was going on and wasting probably a couple of hours doing so, Wealthy Affiliate support fixed things up for you in a flash!  That is awesome! 

    Being a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I can really relate with your story.  I have had issues with my website in the past and the support team is always on the ball, and very quick to answer our queries and fix our problems!

    And the community is always eager to help, so it’s a win-win situation!  I also have do the same and I reach out to the community first. My issue is usually answered an fixed by one of the members, if not, then I reach out to support and get it fixed. I can also add that the turn around for an answer is quite fast from both the community and support!

  6. I’m glad I could help.

    When it comes to technical issues, I reach out to site support right away. They are fast and they can literally log into your site to investigate which other members can’t do. So my recommendation is to go to them first.

    Either way I’m happy it was resolved.


  7. Hello Karina! You know, when I read your article I smiled a few times because it reminds me how these things look like in Wealthy Affiliate platform. Till now I had simmilar experiences, it is really nice that with this affiliate platform you have there also a social platform. Cause there are so many members there you can soon find someone with simmilar problems or with simmilar topic of interest. I enjoyed reading your article and keep up the good work!

  8. Karina,

    I am with you I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and have tried many of the scam programs out there, sorry I have trouble when it comes to technical issues myself.  But at WA the whole community comes together to help us solve problems and if need be one of the members will even create a step by step training to get everyone through the process!  Site Support at WA is the finest you will find anywhere, I remember dealing with the help desk where I worked it would take hours for them to fit the simplest of problems, our Site Support here is fast and accurate on all counts we have the very best of everything.

    Thank you it is always good to know that you received the help required but with such speed,


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience too! I’m glad (but not surprised) that you have a 100% positive experience with WA also 🙂



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