Want to Earn Money Testing Products? This Online Shopping Review Website may be what you’re looking for.

Want to Earn Money Testing Products?As mentioned several times on this site, there are many ways in which you can make money online while working from home. Recently I was presented with an offer to earn money testing products I’m interested in at no cost. The opportunity is presented by Screen Dopamine, an online shopping review website set to launch in Australia in March 2015.


Get Paid

Want to Earn Money Testing Products?Basically, Screen Dopamine gives you the chance to get paid to review, test and give feedback on new products and services. Their advertisers want and need their target audience’s (you!) opinions on products such as shoes, movies, restaurant etc. The site will match offers to your profile and pay you for receiving special offers and completing other review activities online.

Want to Earn Money Testing Products?

Additionally, you can earn money by referring the site to friends and family. When signing up, you will get your unique referral code, and when someone signs up (for free) you will receive a percentage of every offer that they review.


You Decide The Hours

You control the offer or product to review, and it’s set to have no minimum or maximum amount of offers you can look at. This means that you can designate how ever many hours to the site that you wish and/or have time for. Personally, having newborn twins at home, I will dedicate some hours to the site when they are down for naps.


How to Get Started

It’s very easy to get started – simply go to Screen Dopamine, click “sign up as a user” and fill out the details. They are still accepting members for free, so get in fast before the launch in March.

Once launched, I will test the site vigorously and be back here with a proper review. I’m quite excited about this one 🙂


Please feel free to comment below. Have a fantastic day!


10 Replies to “Want to Earn Money Testing Products? This Online Shopping Review Website may be what you’re looking for.”

  1. Can any one please let me no if the screen dopamine is worth while signing up, the good and bad?… Looking some income after having a bub..

    Thank you Sheree

    1. Hi Sheree,
      My sincere apologies for the very very late response to your question. Somehow I missed it… I’m sure that by now you have either tried Screen Dopamine (and if so, I’d love to hear your feedback) or you decided to skip it. I did try it for a while, however, I found that I was better off focusing on my sites through Wealthy Affiliate as they were already making me some money.

      once again, my apologies for not getting back to you immediately – it really wasn’t my intention

      Have a lovely day!


  2. Hi Karina,

    I’m am interested to earn some extra income while working from home on the weekends. there are lots of website who claims to offer something but its very difficult to find the legitimate ones. Could you please advising few of these websites. thanks.

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Good to hear from you, and I sincerely apologise for the tardy response. I have 3 month old twin girls which are taking up a lot of my time lately….and ALL of my sleep too 😉

      I just received the approval for the Screen Dopamine site the other day, but yet to test it out properly. If you are serious about making the extra income though, I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate – this is where I have learnt everything I know about online business and how to make money online. WA will teach you how to make money off a niche you are interested in, and guide you through it step by step.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me again should you have any other questions – would also love to hear from you again once you have started your online journey

      Have a lovely day!


  3. Hi Karina

    Can you please confirm when this is starting up as it says it is starting up in March 2015 but I haven’t received anything else apart from the unique code? I accidentally signed up twice using different email addresses. How can I delete one of them?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Katherine,

      Firstly, I apologise for my tardy response. My baby twin girls are putting a hold on any normal routine I had pre-birth 🙂
      Also, I just received my Approval email from Screen Dopamine the other day, which I take as them now being active. I am yet to test it out properly, but aiming to get started in the next week. Perhaps you received the same email too??

      I’ll let you know how I go for sure 🙂

      As for the 2 email addresses, I am not quite sure how you delete one of them – I would contact them directly to get it rectified

      Have a lovely day!


  4. Hi Karina,

    First and foremost, congratulation on the birth of your lovely twins. I am sure they keep you very busy during your maternity leave.

    Regarding this ‘Dopamine’ online shopping review (what a name!), are they only available in Australia? I am not a big fan of doing surveys, but it’s always good to check out new products online.


    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for the nice comments 🙂 And yes, the girls (and my 3 year old boy) sure do keep me busy 🙂
      I do believe it’s only launching in Australia at the moment. Will be interesting to see how well they do.

      thanks again


  5. Hi Karina,

    Sounds like a site a little like Swagbucks or Clixsense. I would say they are good for earning a few dollars a month but to earn much you will have to spend many hours. Although if you get enough referrals who use the program a lot who knows?
    To be honest there are better ways to earn money online, like starting your own business.

    Good luck, Peter

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. And you are probably correct in terms of time versus income potential – will be a good one to try out though. My main online income comes from my number 1 recommended affiliate program – Wealthy Affiliate, and also starting to gain some momentum from my new site twinsformation.com.

      Thanks again. Have a fab day!


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