Teamwork within Online Business – its benefits in affiliate marketing

lens20701970_1361750003A_a_I thought today I’ll talk about some of the advantages of teamwork within online business and its benefits in affiliate marketing. I will be referring to our involvement with Wealthy Affiliate, simply because that’s where our online business building block started. Surely this can apply to other legitimate affiliate programs too. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate we have found that it is invaluable to have a good support network to bounce ideas off and answer questions (that you will inevitably have) through your journey of building a website and starting your online business.


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How to separate Work from Leisure at Home – Increase Work From Home Productivity

home office Working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages, and the question I hear frequently is “How can i separate work life from home life when i work from home?” How can I increase work-from-home productivity? For myself, home life is great – I love being home and I made the decision a while back; “Why do I have to make the dreaded trip to work everyday when I can work from the comfort of my own house?”. I figured that I would save both time and money on the commute, I could get up when I wanted, have long lunches and more time with my family…the list of pros went on and on. I thought how could this be a bad idea right? Well, as soon as I did make the transition to working from home I realized that distractions at home were in plentiful supply.

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Improving Your Self-Motivation, Check out these great Strategies!

Self-MotivationHaving your own online business requires a great amount of self-discipline…or let me rephrase that – it requires a great amount of Self MOTIVATION. In any job really, you will at some point need to dig out that self-motivation in order to get to your goal. Personally, I’ve found the below strategies very effective when it comes to improving self-motivation.

Have Fun!

Well, this may seem a bit cheesy and ‘too easy’, but it’s no secret that it’s easier to get things done when you enjoy what you are doing. In online business in particular, you have the choice to write about something you’re passionate about, which is a fantastic starting point. By having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously, not only will you find yourself being more self-motivated, you will also keep stress levels at bay.

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Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Father & SonSeeing my wife has written all the content on our website so far, I figured it was time I officially introduced myself too. After all, we are in this business together. So I ask again – Are you ready to be your own boss? Did you leave school to get a job, like me, and got stuck in a rut? Do you go to work everyday wishing you had paid more attention at school? Wish you had a career you enjoyed instead of a job that just pays the bills?

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Being a Working Parent – How To Get An Extra Income

How To Get An Extra IncomeOur situation

As working parents ourselves, Nathan and I were faced with the common financial challenges while I was still on maternity leave; how do you now support a family of 3 on 1 salary, when we could hardly save anything at all being a 2-people-family on 2 salaries? The maths simply doesn’t add up. So for us, me going back at work wasn’t even a question. It was more a questions of how long we could stretch it before it was time for me to go back to the office…always wondering hot to get an extra income. We managed for 9 months, and I feel so blessed and lucky to have had the chance of being with our bub full time for that long.

Look, I am lying if I said it wasn’t challenging leaving Lucas crying his heart out at day care for the first few months, but I knew he was happy there (I always called to check 5-10minutes after I left, and he’d always stopped the crying and was happily playing) and we needed the money. I wish I had discovered the wonderful world of earning a living from home sooner, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate we are now in a much better position to have a better work-life balance if we are to welcome a bubba number 2 (no, I am not pregnant yet;).

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