The Best Free Keyword Finder – Reliable Options

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Best Free Keyword FinderTo have a successful website, you need to generate consistent traffic to your site. And whilst there are many ways to generate traffic, one simple yet crucial strategy to increase your hits is by the use of low hanging fruit keywords. Again, there are a great selection of keyword tools available in the marketplace, and I want to demonstrate to you 2 of the best free keyword finders.

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Long-Tail Keyword Research – How These Keywords Can Improve My Website Ranking

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wordsBeing a newbie to the world of online business, you may feel that there is a lot of focus on SEO (search engine optimisation) – and rightly so. We know that keyword generation, and managing your keywords, are important ingredients to having a successful website. Keywords are essential in driving traffic to your site – and I’ll demonstrate how long-tail keywords can improve your SEO.

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How To Optimise Your Website Traffic

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optimise your website trafficThere are many ways in which you can drive traffic to your blog and website – some great ways and some not so great ways. Well, to help you along the way, I will list and explain to you how to optimise your website traffic. Most of these techniques are totally free of charge and very easy to implement.



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Jaaxy Review – The Ultimate Keyword Tool!

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Product name: Jaaxy

Cost: $0 Jaaxy Starter / $19 per month Jaaxy Pro /
$49 per month Jaaxy Enterprise

Owner: Kyle
Overall score: 9 / 10

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How To Find Keywords For Your Website – 3 Simple & Effective Steps

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keywordHow to find keywords for your website, and how to research keywords, are important aspects to take into account when writing your blog posts. The keywords you use will play a major part in your search engine success – meaning your ranking. As we all know, it’s a big difference between ranking on the first search page in Google (yey!) and on page 30+. I’ll show you a couple of FREE keyword tools, but first I’ll demonstrate 3 simple things to look for when finding your keywords.


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