Happy New Year peeps!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2015! :-)

Seeing we welcomed our gorgeous twin girls Lily & Emma 2 weeks ago, I was “celebrating” the evening at home feeding and cuddling while hubby was partying up at a friends wedding…ahh, I can always celebrate in a proper way next year right? ;-)

Hoping to get some more time to work on this site while I’m on maternity leave. In the meantime, have a lovely lovely start to the new year!



Creating Website Backlinks – Why It Is So Important

create backlinks websiteAs you are learning about SEO for your website, you will soon come to understand the importance of creating website backlinks. Backlinks are one of the main building blocks for good Search Engine Optimization, and I’ll explain why they are so important; how to obtain them and how to avoid getting a negative reaction from search engines.

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Help Choosing a Name for your Business – Check out some awesome tips here!

Business NameDo you need help choosing a name for your business? Plenty of thought should go into this process. For instance, you should ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Should I consider a name that relates to the type of customer I want to attract?
  • Should my business name be descriptive of what services/products that I provide?
  • Should I make up an original name comprising of parts of names/services I provide etc – something completely original and catchy?

In reality any business name can work – it really revolves around the way you market the services you provide. In developing a company name I think these few simple steps will help you in considering what name fits well for you. Any offline or online business needs to be easy to find when starting out.

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Improving Your Self-Motivation, Check out these great Strategies!

Self-MotivationHaving your own online business requires a great amount of self-discipline…or let me rephrase that – it requires a great amount of Self MOTIVATION. In any job really, you will at some point need to dig out that self-motivation in order to get to your goal. Personally, I’ve found the below strategies very effective when it comes to improving self-motivation.

Have Fun!

Well, this may seem a bit cheesy and ‘too easy’, but it’s no secret that it’s easier to get things done when you enjoy what you are doing. In online business in particular, you have the choice to write about something you’re passionate about, which is a fantastic starting point. By having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously, not only will you find yourself being more self-motivated, you will also keep stress levels at bay.

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